Ohno! That One Weird Trick Goes Bad!

I saw this tonight.

As you can see, This One Weird Trick, after seeing several years’ sojourn on the internet, and all the ugliness, over-used memes, and belly fat that goes along with it, has finally succumbed and embraced the Dark Side.

Sad day, sad day. One Trick will be sorely missed by its comrades who still remain in light; and certainly by all of us.

P.S. What is up with this picture? At first I thought that that was his right arm, elbow off screen, bending back to pick his upper bicuspids in a gesture of questionable respectability – but now I’m not so sure. Could it be that the Evil Trick is that by keeping your (or someone else’s) hand in your mouth constantly, you will be prevented from eating and so be prevented from acquiring the dreaded belly fat? Or is it that, should you go around always making such a gesture, you will constantly be accosted by Italians who will beat you within an inch of your life for basically the same thing that got Mercutio killed – (“Do you bite your thumb at me, Sir?”) --and it’s hard to overeat with your jaw wired shut?

His wrist is wearing an invisible corsette … or something.

But the picture is ‘bait’ to attract you to click it ! So you’ve become blase to boobs , bums,
cats, girls in sports clothes… So they are trying some new bait pictures.

The point is that looked through a bunch of pictures and chose the ones that most prompted the thought “just what is that picture showing ?”.

Isilder: Yes, I know. :slight_smile: We have firmly established that fact in our many previous discussions. I was being sort of tongue-in-cheek. As opposed to pinkie-in-bicuspid. Snerk.

I think it’s supposed to be a Dr. Evil gesture.

:smack: Sheesh, of course!! Didn’t catch that. Ha, that’s probably why they used someone else’s forearm.