Oil and Gas lease question.

My Wife and I own 40 acres in an area that is going to be explored for natural gas.
We do not own mineral rights, which is common.

I was wondering if anyone has had an exploration company set up camp on their property? As I understand it, they do have to lease surface rights to be able to do so.

Do they just lease a portion? What might such a lease be worth?

If product is found and they set up a well, don’t they have to continue the lease as long as the well head is there?

We have no idea if they are interested in our specific property; but, the adjacent landowner has asked us three times if we would like to sell. He is the president of a different Oil and Gas exploration company. And has a house on his land.

I know there are too many unknowns, for anything but speculative answers. The SDMB is as it often is, a first step and a place for me to get some ideas.

You might find some info from these folks: the Oil & Gas Accountability Project

I think they can help you understand the rules & your rights & so on.

On the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commissionwebsite, they have mapping and info on past lease sales by county.

Thanks Alpine,

Lots of good information there, and I’m still looking through it.

I’m wondering if you can be forced into a lease since I don’t own the mineral rights And if you did lease, what the value might be. Is it $10 a year, or $1000 a month.

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