Oil of Oregano...good or bad?

I’ve been taking oil of oregano happily, a few (maybe 3) drops, maybe 3 times a day to help combat any nasty flu germs that may be floating around.
Yesterday, I was talking to someone at a socail gathering (I think she was a herbalist) who said that oil of oregano causes kidney damage with long term use! (I’ve been taking it for about a month)
I can’t really find any conclusive data on the internet…
Does anyone have any thoughts or info?

Not sure where you got the idea that it has any effect on flu germs, but here is one of the approximately 39,000 sites found on Google by typing in “oregano oil side effects”. It doesn’t appear that side effects include kidney damage, but it also doesn’t seem to be advisable to take it undiluted.

Carvacrol, or cymophenol, C6H3CH3(OH)(C3H7), is a monoterpenoid phenol. It has a characteristic pungent, warm odor of oregano and a pizza-like taste.

Take home message:
It tastes like Pizza!