OJ and toothpaste.. Why the odd taste?

Is it because of the pH of the OJ mixed with (I’m assuming) basic toothpaste? Or would this simply result in H20 and a salt?

Is it an redox reaction creating elecricity?

I’m just tossing out a couple of guesses. Any facts on the subject out there?


Thanks, Padeye.

Hi - I couldn’t stand that taste of OJ after brushing… it does have something to do with the sugars… I now use Tom’s Of Maine toothpaste and it doesn’t do that. You can find it at health food’s stores.

I recently changed to Toms of Maine as well, but not for the same reason. It seems (at least with me) that the mint flavor of Tom’s is just as reactive to the OJ as the regular is. I switched simply because of recommendations from a few people I know at health food stores.