OJ's Hilarious April Fools Day Tweet

May the coronavirus do to him what our justice system failed to do.

Aww c’mon. Just type out the tweet — spoiler it if you must. Your link led to a James Wood twitter account, which linked to what appears to be a video of OJ. I’m not watching an OJ Simpson video.

^ Srsly.


It says: “I did it. #AprilFools

coronavirus can land you in prison? Or do we lack the cajones to just come right out and say we’re wishing death by suffocation on OJ? I’m confused.

Basically OJ Simpson watched Tiger King and is saying c’mon white people, leave them animals alone then he conjectures that the woman’s husband was turned into Tiger sashimi.

I guess OJ thought it was funny you know since he basically slit his own wife’s throat with such force he nearly decapitated her, not to mention the guy he killed, and got away with it.

Oh OJ, you silly rascal!

He’s wearing gloves, apparently they fit.