OK Doper, Identify This Animal!

How DARE you disagree with me!!!


"The coyote has the appearance of a medium-sized dog or a
small German Shepherd. Coyotes are about one and a half to two
feet tall and between forty-one and fifty-three inches long.
Weight ranges from twenty to fifty pounds. They have a bushy
tail that is tipped with black. Most are grey, but some show
rust or brown coloration.
This nocturnal animal is most active at night, but if not
threatened by man they will hunt during the day. The coyote is
omnivorous. They will eat fruits, grasses, and vegetables along
with small mammals.
The coyote is capable of producing fertile offspring with
many other animals from the dog family. It occasionally breeds
with the domestic dog, wild dogs, and wolves. This mixed
offspring has created great confusion about whether a real coyote
has been seen. The only way to tell the difference is by
examination of the skull.

Irrespective of how it lost it’s hair, it is obviously a fox

See this red fox
and the mystery animal

Here’s a face on with a fully furred fox
Face structure, leg proportions and tail length are virtually identical.

The head definitely looks like a grey fox (note in particular the shape of the ears and the light coloring along the jaw). There’s also a ruff of fur around the neck of the animal in the news article, indicating that it’s not completely “hairless”. Here’s another picture of a grey fox with relatively short hair.

I’m not seeing it bud. Looking at those pictures made me think less of it being a fox.

I don’t think it’s a mysterious gabbersnatcher from Omicron Persei 8, but I also don’t think it’s your run of the mill fox.

I have no idea what it is but I don’t think it’s right to say it’s “obviously” anything at this point. If it was obviously a fox the guy wouldn’t have set up cameras and taken pictures and the news sources wouldn’t have printed them.

I’m not saying it’s definitely not a fox, but it sure as shit isn’t obviously a fox.

Here’s a close up of the face

Grey fox (Urocyon cinereoargenteus). No doubt about it. In a summer coat. The shorthair phenotype doesn’t surprise me at all. It may be genetic, it may just be at the extreme of phenotypic plasticity.

Now that I think about it, it probably has some Vulpes (Red Fox) blood in it, but it is quite definitely a fox, mostly Grey IMNSHO.

What about this mysterious creature?

Oh! …and foxes are VERY omnivorous.

Looks kind of like Liza Minelli.

The fact that it is adapting to humans is a sign that it may be a coyote, with a short hair mutation. Its nocturnal habit, and willingness to eat corn, support this, since the coyote is omniverous, as opposed to a carnivorous fox.

If it weren’t for the size stated, I’d have guessed a coydog…a coyote crossed with a particularly foxy looking dog…such as a Pomeranian or corgi or such. Unlike many hybrids, the coydog is fertile.

A coyote is significantly larger than a fox; and a coydog tends to be larger than either of its parents. This one was described as foxlike in size. My guess is it is fox, and since it appears to be a lactating female, she may have simply lost her fur due to one of numerous possible reasons, such as nutritional issues. If it is a fox, eating corn would be an act of desperation or instinct to obtain some missing nutrient. Possible pica? Lacatating/gestating humans crave unusual foods or pseudofoods. Perhaps this fox is, as well?

She may be losing some of her shyness around humans out of desperation to feed her babies.

as GopherGod72 indicated foxes are quite omnivorous and do not have to be under nutritional stress to eat vegetable and plant matter

See Red Fox - Vulpes vulpes Feeding Habits Diet

All of which also support it being a grey fox.

Animal Diversity Web entry:

Also from that entry:

Aside from the fact that the head is identical to that of a grey fox, note the the black tip of the tail of the animal in the news link.

I am going to bet on a feral dog. There are some dogs that have faces just like foxes. Combine that with a cross-breed, and you could get this.

Maybe it’s a corndog.

Well, if it had been Roswell, NM, instead of somewhere in NC, I might be tempted to say that this family forgot to pick up the family dog when their vacation was over.

What do porcupines eat?

I have to agree with Ilsa_Lund, but only because of the phrase “phenotypic plasticity”. It adds an incontrovertible aura of scientific accuracy.

I think the oddest thing about this particular animal is that it seems to have a disproportionately small head and large ears for a Gray Fox. However, I would go with that based on the fact that the color pattern is identical to that of a Gray Fox. As Darwin’s Finch has pointed out, this species has a grizzled back and black-tipped tail. It also has reddish on the legs, lower sides, and top of the head, and white throat.

It appears to me to have exceptionally short fur, perhaps a mutation, rather than having lost its fur through mange.

Foxes will eat corn, as has already been pointed out, so that’s not at all surprising.

There is a remote possibility it could be a Kit Fox, which has a similar color pattern to Gray Fox but proportionatley larger ears. However, it would be way out of range, and also would have had to have some kind of short-haired condition.

It certainly isn’t a coyote - structurally it’s very different. I also don’t think it’s a feral dog.

In this case, however, Ilsa is just bullshitting. This particular animal is certainly not within the normal range of “phenotypic plasticity” of a Gray Fox, nor is it merely in a summer coat. It either has some kind of rare mutation or rare recessive phenotype, or is very sick.