What is this animal in Maryland?

So I’m checking the local news this morning, and I see a small filler “slide-show” piece on a mystery animal spotted in Maryland. (Total filler for a Seattle site.) The link is here, left hand side towards the bottom, “SLIDESHOW: Pictures of Unusual Creature In Maryland.”

Okay, I freely admit it’s not news, but hey – thanks for the pictures and zero information. What is that? Is it a hyena? That’s what it looks like to me. DC/MA/VA Dopers, any further information, like, what it is, where it came from, and how it got lost? Thanks ever so. :slight_smile:

Put this picture of a hyena next to #3 in your link and they look a lot alike wrt body posture, tail length, ear size, etc.

I’m guessing hyena or a dog with an astronomical case of mange. Either way, this butt ugly thing shouldn’t be in a petting zoo.

For your perusal: a prevous thread on the subject which links to another previous thread on the subject.

And again, it’s an old story around here.
Various local vets and zoologists have all weighed in and decided that it’s just a stray dog with a bad case of mange.
Not a coyote, not a hyena, not some cross-breed “hy-ote.” If it were a coyote or hyena, other animals like dogs and cats would be afraid of it.

The pictures I keep seeing now (linked from these threads) are really bad and grainy - the ones they had when they first spotted it (and broadcast on the local news channels) were much better. It always looked like a dog to me.

Thanks for the links, JEFF! I should have known more alert Dopers than I am would already be on it. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen a ba-zillion coyotes and this doesn’t look like one to me. The face isn’t pointy enough. But if it’s old and crippled (explaining the weird hind-end) and has a bad case of mange . . . maybe. I still vote for hyena.

Caught. Red fox with a bad case of scabies.