What is this mystery animal?

Follow the link for pictures.


Another mystery creature missing its fur? Do we have some prankster on the loose with a set of sheep shears?

Or maybe Freaky Fred the barber?

Hard to tell the size of the creature from the photos, but I get the impression that it’s substantially larger than a fox.

This one looks very hyena like, and moves like one, except that the forelegs don’t look long enough in relation to the rear. Spotted hyenas have forelegs that are longer then their rear, and slope off to the rear, contributing to their unusual appearance and gait. They also have rounded ears. Maybe some local zoo is missing a brown hyena? Equally likely would be a dog of some heavy-jawed breed. Or a hoax. Another article is running a poll as to what people think it is:


The animal looks like it’s in poor health, whatever it is, and a terrific case of mange or parasites has probably largely defurred it.

Previous thread on the subject.

I begin to wonder if some travelling sideshow has sick hyenas.
Every time it looks like one’s gonna die, they dump it. A few days later, they dump another.
All up & down the East Coast.


It’s an Eastern Jackelope, the puny relative of the Great (accept no substitutes!) Western Jackelope.

Lotsa Hyenas.

The hindquarters would be much lower than the forequarters in a hyena. Besides,it hasn’t made any noises as far as I have read, and the laugh of a hyena is not something you can miss. Besides, it gets along with dogs instead of eviscerating them!

I think it’s some sort of mixed-breed dog, because it seems sort of big for a fox. The poor critter, whatever it is, has mange of some sort. It’ll probably be found dead soon, especially when it gets cold out :frowning:

It looks VERY much like a hyena. I’d be willing to write off the hindquarter height question to camera angles and movement.

Has Fred been feeling naughty recently? :wink:

This is actually an old story around here. The people taped the video weeks and weeks ago.
They’ve decided that it’s a stray dog with mange. Not a hyena, not a coyote, not some half-breed “hy-ote.” Just a dog.
There’s no reason to trap it because it hasn’t harmed anyone.

That looks and sounds like it acts a lot like an aardwolf. As you can see from the picture, they’re smaller and built more slightly than other hyenas, with longer back legs as well. Aardwolfs live almost exclusively on termites; if this one couldn’t find any, it would probably go scavenging for anything it could find (like cat food). As far as I know, they don’t make the classic hyena “laughing” sound. And aardwolves are pretty easy-going and don’t have many teeth; this would explain why it’s getting along with other animals.

Or, as BiblioCat said, it could be a dog.

It’s a liger.
It’s pretty much my favorite animal.
It’s a cross between a lion and a tiger with magical properties.

How odd, we had a similar mystery creature seen (and shot- after all this is Texas) and written about in today’s paper. Check out the photo, it kinda looks like a blue hyena


Got a non-register image? :dubious:

Eh, IMO not really. The forequarters aren’t massive enough. It looks to me exactly like what the biologist quoted said it was: a hairless and diseased coyote.

On my system, it shows the article and a few seconds later redirects to a registration page. If you can interrupt that process you should be able to see it.

I gotta say I agree with this guess. I looked up some pics on Google and it matches pretty closely. No stripes, but the mane is there, the tail is right, the crouching hind legs, the ears and snout - the only thing is it’s hairless, i.e. mange, and it’s not native to America.

Here is a non-annoying competitor.

Aiiiiiiii!!! It’s a chupacabra!!!

Waitaminute! I thought Jackie Chan kicked it’s ass on his TV show. That can’t be a chupacabra.

They caught it. It’s a red fox with a bad case of scabies.

Boring, but true.