The Friendly Mysterious Creature of Maryland

What is it, and is he our new overlord?

I’m leaning towards hyena with mange.

The general consensus around here is that it’s a stray dog with mange. Not a coyote or hyena, just a dog in need of a dermotologist.

And here, I thought you were going to talk about Dave.

I personally believe it’s an abandoned or escaped hyena that is very sick.


On clicking through their 12 picture gallery, I’m of the opinion that it’s a hyena - one of the pictures had a pretty good face shot.

Picture #7 is quite hyena-like, it is to laugh.

It’s way too small to be a hyena. My money says it’s a fox.

Sure is built like a hyena.

Either that, or Ron Jeremy.

My guess would be an ROUS, but I don’t believe they really exist.

I, for one, welcome our hyena overlords…

Just saw on CNN that one of the critters has been caught and is in custody…er, captivity. It is a red fox with a bad case of mange.

For those like me who need to see proof, here’s the link.

A shot of Ivermectin and he’ll be right as rain.