Ok...Greek election

Looks like new coalition government has strongly pledged to stay in the Euro.


Now…is there anyone…ANYONE…anyone ANYWHERE…that doesn’t think the Greeks will have more trouble in the near future?!

Therefore, when another Greek crisis ‘surprises’ the markets…it shouldn’t fall because it is factored in…right…RIGHT? I mean, is there anyone that will invest now that doesn’t think this will happen?

Speaking of crisis…let me put on my psychic hat…lemme see…I predict…SPAIN will have more trouble in the near future.

Whoa, Duck…going out on the limb here! So, when it happens, will it take any investor by surprise? So it shouldn’t affect the markets, right?


Should ellipses be three periods or four? Let’s find out by examining the OP.

Well, it looks like ellipsis was invented by the Greeks. I imagine that they used them properly back then. It’s a shame that nowadays they are mostly used by people falling nose-down drunk on a keyboard.

The Greeks didn’t have a random caps-lock, unfortunately. The things that Thucydides could have done sigh. The points he could have over-emphasised…

Well, aren’t you the smartest little thing!

Pfft. Smart-aleck newbies.

Oh bullshit.

I can see Plato typing “WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!!” like a motherfucker if they had the net back then. That and a shitload of lame cowworker jokes and numerous links to cute kitten photos.

Atlantis, man. Atlantis.

The convention is that an ellipsis is four periods when it’s directly before or after an arbitrarily all-capsed word, but three periods otherwise. I wouldn’t be too harsh on the OP, though; when you’re dealing with such high densities of ellipses and all-capsed words, you’re bound to miss a few even if you proofread.

In the World of Forms everything will continue on smoothly as before. Here on Earth it’ll be a big clusterfuck for sure. But relax. Build up a cash position now and get ready to buy after the big devaluation. I think that is what smart investors will be watching for.

Indeed. Also, fuck BP.

Or maybe buy BP? I can’t really remember your position.

I’d listen to you, but you’re all just shadows on a wall. In a cave.

Whom or what is being Pitted here?

That won’t turn out well.

Well, you are, but I’m not.

Look I know this is the pit and all but we could, ya know, try and address the actual content of the post and not get into a smarmy pissing match over grammar.

To address the OP. The last news I heard wasn’t clear about who would be able to form a government, so it’s still possible that an anti-bailout may end up governing and taking the country out of the Euro.

Neither is a particularly good scenario – I’m of the opinion that Greece should have defaulted ages ago and returned to their own currency. But the majority of Greeks want to stay in the Euro (just without all the sweeping cuts). And it is the home of democracy after all.

The Euro is fucked tho’. I think most people privately realize that now and any country that doesn’t have a plan to return back to it’s own currency deserves the kicking it gets in the Euro blows up. In fact there’s speculation that a lot of the bailouts and money shuffling aren’t (just) to keep the Euro afloat but to buy enough time for people to plan a structured break-up if necessary.

The Euro can potentially recover, but it needs a massive upwards swing in growth and that’s just not happening. We may get to a magic point were faith is restored, growth returns and the Euro drags itself out of a hole. This would probably require much tighter government union, something that’s never going to happen quickly – if it happens at all.

Or it may lurch on from crisis to crisis. At the moment the markets aren’t convinced and unless they change their mind in a big way the Euro is fucked.

Personally I’d buy shares in companies that print currency.

Nitpick: euro. Lower-case “e.”

As for the election results:

So Greece will be keeping the euro. For now.

Ancient Greek was written in all CAPS (andnospacing). The boring small letters is a later invention.

Really. I had never realized or noticed that. Thanks. (Seriously)

Yeah. That’s a bit of an odd result actually, I’m trying to see where the swing came from but comparing the results to those here isn’t that clear. I’m waiting for the nutjobs to start shouting about voter fraud.

If the vote breakdown is correct more that 50% of the (voting) Greeks voted for anti-bailout/anti-austerity measures. If the new government takes this back to Brussels and negotiates a better settlement then maybe it’s all well and good. And that would broadly reflect the will of the people – so in general I’d be happy with that.

I personally believe that all the bailouts have been good money after bad, but I accept that the currency falling apart now would cause a lot of immediate pain to ordinary people. I’m not sure that long term it wouldn’t be the best option.