Ok. How bad is this? I must complain.

Ok. I took my car to the mechanic today. He told me he would call when it was done. I leave my keys with him, so he can work on the car. This is the way it always works, and around 4 oclock they call, and I get the car, and everyone is happy.

Today, I forgot about it, and at 6 oclock when I was getting ready to go home, I realized I didn’t have a car, I call the mechanic. Nobody there. Me- No car, no keys. stuck at work. Blech. Blech. And double blech.

I just felt like whining.



I usually just give them the keys to just the car itself. That way I never get locked out of my house when my car is in the shop.

I live in a small town, so I just tell them to leave the keys above the visor…Plus I keep an extra set, just in case (I lock myself out a lot). But sounds like you just plain forgot, so Bummer!! I feel bad for you- been there, done that!

An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity; A pessimist sees a calamity in every opportunity.

Ok. So this story has a happy ending. I go to pick up my car today, the mechanic was very very apologetic. He apoligized 10 or 12 times and told me the work was free.
How nice.
And last night I stayed at friends and watched a good movie named Brewster McCloud.

A happy story, it turns out.


Pri- glad it worked out for you! And to get the work for free was nice of them. They sound like a great place to do business.