ok- I admit defeat - I'm turning to dopers for help -

Short story - my husband has developed a taste for single malt scotch - he has developed a marvellous collection (and rather expensive, I may add) however he is refusing to try some of the more expensive ones he has accumulated because he does not have a tasting (nosing) glass. We have ordered one from Laphroig, however it has been lost in the delivery service and they have credited our account.

Does anyone know where I can get two nosing glasses for single malt scotch? I have tried every store here plus the web and simply cannot find them here.

Apparently, these are THE glasses to drink scotch from.

Are these what you’re talking about?

I’ve never heard the term “nosing glasses.” If your husband wants to smell the whiskey before drinking, he needs a shallow brandy or red wine glass or possibly a short, narrow pony glass (the kind you might use for tequila).

Either way, if his nose and taste become proficient, it won’t matter if the single malt comes in a water glass, a wine glass, or a a mason jar. Single malt is not meant to be mixed, so there will be no distractions. If you really want the experiment to fail, buy him a bottle of Laphroaig. It isn’t the best scotch, but it will certainly smother any competing tastes, up to and including ammonia, and it will destroy the smoked-peat flavor of scotch for a good long while.

I purchased a set of Riedel Single Malt Tasting glasses for Mr. Athena several years ago. Riedel, if you’re not familiar with them, manufactures glasses suited for just about every single type of drink imaginable - all the different types of wine, various liquors, etc.

I can’t link directly to the glasses I bought, but if you go here and scroll down to Single Malt Whiskey, you’ll see the various whiskey glasses they make. They have three levels of glasses - all similiar in shape, but made with varying levels of lead crystal.

I’ve purchased a lot of Riedel through The Wine Merchant. They carry the scotch glasses, and they have really competitive prices.

Hubby LOVES LOVES LOVES the glasses. They not only do what they advertise - concentrate the taste and aroma of the whiskey - but they’re lovely to hold and view. By all means, get some for your hubby!

Thank you, Athena…they are perfect! Apparently, I for some reason can’t get them shipped here but got a link and I’m off trying to get them locally! Thank you.

::takes swig from nearly empty bottle of scotch:: Wha…?

In addition to those that you have found, look at the specials offered by distilleries around the holidays. They often included a set of very nice glasses with a bottle of good single-malt. I have a Bowmore glass that has been my “go-to” sctoch glass for years.

Also, check Ebay for tasting glasses…cheap. :smiley:

The glasses . . . they do nosing.

Actually, they really, really do.

Sur La Table has the Riedel glasses too. I hate to say it because it makes me sound like a scotch snob, but they really do make a difference for the good stuff.

What are your husband’s scotch preferences?