OK, I give up. Who was Jetassisted?

I did not find any blatant reason given for the banning, so might I assume that it was one of our old, mutual “friends”?

I noticed this too, but I don’t come here very often. What causes a person to get banned? (This guy specifically?)

Eh, Una, we’re officially not supposed to discuss this sort of thing in public anymore. E-mail Tuba and ask her. :wink:

I suggest you go back and read some of the last few postings. The identity of this particular poster is a subject often remarked upon in the past.

your humble TubaDiva

In fifteen words or less?
Not following the rules you agreed to follow when you registered for the SDMB.

In three or less?
Being a jerk.

Well, I guess I am dense then. The posts seemed harmless to me, and did not strike a chord. But then, I do not normally examine innocuous-seeming posters that closely. Sigh. Never mind, I no longer care to know.

Well I do!

I figured this must be a pretty frequent question and
honestly expected to find an answer in some standard
place. I did a search and wound up reading this thread.

Pardon my sounding overly like a newbie, but just how
veracious is this remark?

I admit I may be a bit more sensitive about administrative
subjects because of my personal past. No, I’ve never been
banned from an electronic community but I have helped
administrate one. The solutions we found were in some
ways quite different to what seems to be going on here.

I would greatly appreciate a pointer to a relevant thread.

If administrative discussions really are taboo, please so
indicate in an unambiguous way.

Duck Duck Goose, you may recognize me by now. Will
you please vouch for my sincerity and enjoin the moderators
not ban me for this post if it is truly out of bounds?

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Sorry, I said “enjoin” when I meant “entreat”.

(Why do I feel as one treading on eggshells?)

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Here, read this:


This is where this whole issue ended up being discussed yesterday.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Okay, I’ve read around a bit and I guess I get the picture
somewhat better. DDG, you sorta misled me by
being just a tad sloppy with your admonitions. Making
accusations and baiting newcomers to see if they are really
returnees is disruptive and a understandably discouraged.
But you painted a bit wide with that brush when you shook
a finger at someone merely asking about The Gears of

Granted, you were addressing someone more informed than I
am so there was doubtless some existing context I did not
have. So it was mostly my fault I misunderstood you. Yet,
because you are one of the few locals I have come to know
in my short time here, I pay attention to what you write.

I’m learning but I still need guidance now and then. Got
room for another gosling under one of them wings?

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Yeah, there was indeed a great deal of existing context, mainly that, as Una has no doubt discovered by now, that particular person was one of our bad boomerang children, and it’s not good for them to see their names up in lights. Hence my alarmed squawk.

If it’s any consolation, my kids think I’m hysterical and over-protective, too. :rolleyes: