OK, I need some help. My sig line is malfunctioning

My sig line shows up when I preview my post, but not when I submit it. It doesn’t matter if I preview before posting or not, it doesn’t show up when my post is in the thread.

I checked the User CP and I am set up to view sig lines, which makes sense, because I see everyone else’s sig in threads.

I’m using Firefox - I’m a build or two behind, but I’m pretty sure it used to work for me at some point, although that might have been in the bad IE days.
Board techs, any assistance would be greatly appreciated, and I will send you pie.

Holy. shit.

Sorry everyone. What I meant to say is that my sig line won’t work in 4 consecutive posts, but as soon as I ask for help it’ll start acting normally. :smack:

If you hit preview you have to re-click show sig before posting.

I saw your earlier post. I call glitch. I wouldn’t worry about it.