Ok, it has been a while now and the Earth has not ended, so?

I (and several others) tried in the past to get self-editing of posts allowed, with a short window of course. Some Staff and many posters all claimed the Earth would end if it was allowed. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

However, editing has been around now for a while and the Earth (and the SDMB) is still here I see. :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously- how is it working? Any serious problems? Seems to have been OK by what I have seen, but I am not a Mod and don’t get complaints emailed to me. OTOH, I haven’t seen many PIT rants about some jerk who edited his post to make it say the opposite or anything.


Well, I’m not a mod, but I was one who was kind of against it.

I’ve used it since it became available, and I’ve liked having the option. However I’m still kind of against it, although less so than previously. I think most people like it, and it has obviously worked fairly well, with no one (or least no cases I’ve noticed) trying to take advantage of it.

However, little things do crop up. A couple of days ago, I quoted a post and made a reply, and by the time I had posted, the post I quoted had been changed. Not much, and it didn’t alter the main point, but I would have responded very slightly differently to the altered post. Of course the original post was still in my quote, so people could see what I was responding to, and I actually felt kind of bad that I now had quoted something that the poster obviously felt didn’t quite correctly express their feelings.

So if it were strictly up to me, I’d consider turning it back off. But as I said, it’s not a very strong feeling, more like a very mild aversion. And I must admit it is handy for cleaning up typos and bad edits.

I’ll vote the other way, but not rabidly so. I like the edit very much, and have yet to spot an abuse. I really do think 5 minutes is fine, except lately (oft heard complaint alert) we seem to be having these timeouts. Where I post and for 4-7 minutes it’s unable to load. Did my post go through? Did it not? Did I say everything correctly?

So I wouldn’t mind it extended to 10 minutes.

But, really pretty happy with it right now.

We have no plans to change the current situation.

I find that the main reasons I use the edit feature are:

  1. I correct a typo I should have noticed on preview, had I bothered to use the feature.

  2. I add a thought that comes to mind after I post, which, again, had I used preview, might well have come to me in time to post it.

  3. Hi, Opal!

Thus, I find that the edit feature serves to clean up what proper use of preview would avoid already. Not that that’s any great surprise… :smiley:

I’ve found it very useful for correcting typos. In fact, I’ve suggested another board switch to the 5 minute timeout.

I like the 5 minute edit window, but I think the 2 minutes between searches limit blows fat chunks of putrid offal.

Hah! Ten minutes too much for yah?!

Does that mean you don’t like the search limit? :slight_smile:

I was another one who was vehemently against it. I kind of like it now, but I have noticed people change their posts in the manner RJKUgly mentions. But I don’t think I want to go back to the old way, so I’m cool.

I was one of the posters that begged for it. I groveled and I pleaded.

I have said it already and I will say it again.

Thank you **TubaDiva ** and others in the decision making loop, it is a wonderful and very good change.

Thank You!

Jim {Poor speller and poor proof reader}