Ok Ok I'll do it!

I don’t normally start party threads, But PurpleBear said if I didn’t do it she was gonna hurt me!(cause she can’t do it herself right now)


before any askes I’ll go ahead and tell everyone she is 29[sub]again[/sub] :smiley:

So everyone stop by say Happy birthday, Like I said I don’t do threads like this so I have no hot tub or nakid twister game or anything like that! if you guys want that bring it on over I’m sure Maidenunicorn will be here to enjoy it with you.

Birthdays all over the place today… Must be the groundhog.
Happy Birthday MaidenUnicorn! :slight_smile: Hope it’s a good one.

May you have many more 29th b’days.

Have a good one.

Woohoo! Happy Birthday! Many more!

May this year exceed all expectations for your happiness and wellbeing!

Happy Birthday to you!
You live in a zoo!
You look like a monkey
And you smell like one too!

I just made that up.

No really.

Have a very merry un-BIRTHDAY to me
to who?
to you that’s who.

Have a very merry un-BIRTHDAY to you
to me?
yes you!


Happy Birthday ** MaidenUnicorn ** is that a horn on your forehead or are you just happy to see some of these mens ?

Happy birthday MU!

…and you look like you’re 29 the first time…

Sorry , I am late dopers but I was at a private party with a special friend of mine**(lurker,** thanks baby it was great did I say that? no, not me.:smiley:

Thanks everyone for all the great wishes. I see that someone brought the nekkid twister and I see that Purplebear and Mr Bear are playing!!!

There are drinks over at the bar and they are on the house.Hope the band gets here soon, would love to dance with my favorite man.

well everyone enjoy and thanks for coming> she walks over to the hot tub and checks the water and spots who she wants to invite in.

'Looks like I’m a day late and a dollar short again, but Happy Birthday anyway, maidenunicorn!

I sure hope everyone is having a good time. I sure am.:slight_smile:

Thank you to everyone for the good wishes. You ,dopers, sure know how to make someone feel special.

Beatle thats okay sweetie. at least you made it.good to see you again…handing him a beer.