ok ok ok.....a serious question!

Did asylums really use big white nets to catch insane people?

That’s really funny if they did…

Dunno about the Nets, but the Warm Spoons and Tiger-Fish always get me!

Of course not. It was a joke. Just because you see something, it doesn’t mean there’s any reality to it.

How so ? Does beating frogs with sticks, or skinning cats also make you laugh ? If so, you may have psychopathic tendencies. Wouldn’t THAT be funny !

Jeez, is it elementary school week here at the SDMB?

::mutters about “kids these days” as he wanders off::

I like to think of The SDMB as the asylum. And they certainly use the net to capture insane people.

16,388 at last count. :smiley:

montfort, there are no stupid questions, just stupid people.
sigh since I must explain this now, it won’t be funny anymore.
No, I’m not tended towards psychosis. It’s just amusing that someone would get the idea that the best way to “capture” an insane person is to ensnare him/her in a big white fishing net. The whole whooping crazy person and chasing team of looney-bin goons prancing about is a DAMN FUNNY IMAGE, I don’t care what you say.

Hey, a big white net isn’t that bad, and it’s quite a bit better than some of the alternatives. For instance, it beats the heck out of gang tackling, or stungunning, or herding with sheep dogs.

I think they used navy blue in the winter.

think of the looney toons whooHOO! whooHOO! whooHOO! laugh and picture them running around in a circle. Now it’s even better.

I think Evno speaks from experience.

[sub]How’d you convince them to let you out?[/sub]

Who ever said I was out?

And how do you use a different size font? Is there more to this “vB” code than meets the eye, like the Transformers?

Yes. [sub]But you haven’t properly demonstrated the secret handshake, so we can’t tell you.[/sub]

Having moderated this forum for a while, let me assure you that this is an incorrect statement.