OK, radio stations of the world. I get it. Enough!

Fine, Coldplay is the greatest band in the world. Not just now, but ever. You can now feel free to quit ramming them down my throat at every opportunity on every possible format. Sure, to the untrained ear pretty much every song sounds like the same slow, depressing, whiny dirge but those people just haven’t been beaten into submission enough times. At this point, I fully expect All Things Considered to come back from commercial breaks playing The Scientist or Clocks as a bumper, Michele Norris unable to read the news as she’s is in the midst of orgasmic delight over hearing yet another where the singer sounds as depressed as if he just watched his dog die by being dropped off of a building onto his mom.

If I promise to never again consider The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, or any number of other long-established bands ahead of Coldplay in the pantheon of bands, will you please promise to limit them to only half of the available radio formats on an already shrinking dial. The only type of station I have yet to hear them on is Hip Hop, and that’s only because Puff Daddy has yet to use their music to try and further his lightly talented, sampling self.

Go away and don’t come back until it’s time for a “Remember the best of the 00’s” CD in about 20 years.

Because people weren’t saying they were sick to death of the Beatles in their heyday?

Look on the bright side, if more Coldplay = less Pride (In the Name of Love), Hey Jude, Honky Tonk Women & You Better You Bet; I’m all for it.

Dream on – Best of the Oh-Ohs will be rush released in 2009. Just you watch.

Who’s Coldplay? :smiley:

I’m sure you meant this in jest but in all honesty I have never heard of them.

You’re not missing anything.

I still really like ‘Parachutes.’ After that…it’s gone the way of Creed. Decent first record and general tripe thereafter.

IIRC, NPR has used “Clocks” after a story about time. So we lose there, too.

Coldplay isn’t bad, but it’s not all that, either.


Heh. I was just reading the thread thinking, “Gee, my station doesn’t play that much Coldplay, do they?” when, my hand to Og, “Low” from X&Y started playing.

They’re everywhere . . .

I don’t get what the fuss is about, either. The singer guy sounds kinda like Bono in a good way. Other than that, I think they’re pretty uninspiring.

Oh, for crimeny’s sake, and now they’re playing “Pride (In the Name of Love).”

Thank you very much, Mister JohnBckWLD.

Just hop into any elevator. They’re perfectly suited there.

Two letters for you, son:


They’re only a name to me. And I listen to radio one hell of a lot. But apparently the stations I listen to don’t feature them.