OK, so I AM a manslut

There have been only about 3 females total I have felt like making love to, EVER. (And, btw, no children or males.) Sure, I’d like to have sex with some, and be romantic with some, some females I’d like to do even both with, but I don’t have enough patience to do both at once :slight_smile:

Then, tonight, after chugging down about 10 ounces of Bombat Sapphire, I saw a PBS Nightly Business Report that Martha Stewart will still be in house arrest for some time. Of course it was accompanied by a picture of her and what did I think other than cuddling up close to her, kissing her on the cheek and putting my hand on her leg and …

afk to cleanse brain.

You are in good company at the following site:

I wish I only felt that way about 3 women. Lucky dog.

Not so much with the Martha Stewart, but thumbs up to the Bombay Sapphire. Fine choice.

Actually, if it leads to Martha Stewart fantasies, I’d stay far away from it…

Hell, I was traumatized by the K-Mart bathtub ads a few years ago!

Great gin-bad image. Ewww. If I ever begin to wax amorous about Martha Stewart, please shoot me. :eek:

It’s so nice when the dog feels the same way. Give her my best.