OK, so I'm a dickhead

PL, I apologize to you for the harsh words I said to you and I retract everything. I hope things go well for you here in NoVa. Your OP showed class and dignity.
It’s scary to think how many Dopers there are here in the Arlington/Fairfax area.

goboy said:

You think that’s scary- check out this thread to see how many Dopers are former or current Air Force members.

Conclusion: Many Dopers can call in an airstrike on my house.
See how often I get involved in Great Debates from this point on.

This thread is old and I should probably just let it drop, but something’s been bugging me a bit. In many of the threads I’ve seen pldennison responding to and/or getting upset over, some posters seem to amuse themselves with comments to the effect of “These animal rights fanatics piss me off. Pardon me while I slaughter a cow an gnaw on its bloody carcass.” Such comments might be amusing in a room full of devote carnivores, but such things are distasteful in the presence of a vegetarian. Imagine yourself as a choice proponent arguing abortion with a pro-lifer. Would you make a comment like, “Your fanaticism is pissing me off. Pardon me while I employ this coat hanger to kill my latest mistake?” Would that be funny? Would it add anything to the debate?

By the way, pldennison, you’ve been on my list of favorite dickheads for a long time now. I for one respect those who are passionate about their beliefs, whether I agree with them or not.