OK, so I'm a dickhead

I can’t think of an appropriate place to put this except MPSIMS, and I hate that frigging forum, so I’m putting it here.

I’ve been a dickhead the past couple of days. No two ways about it. In my defense, all I can offer is:

– We recently underwent a move of 400 miles, which is one of the most stressful things anyone can go through–it’s near the top of the list along with “losing a loved one” and “getting fired”;
– Leigh-Anne is currently jobless and searching, not to mention living in a new area when she’s never lived more than 25 miles outside of downtown Cleveland, and I’m trying to help her adapt and lend moral support;
– There is a pervasive (although not necessarily among the posters to the recent threads) anti-vegetarian sentiment among many SDMB members, and I had seen enough recently to really piss me off;
– I’m dealing daily with a longer commute and increased traffic, something I do NOT handle well (even though I take the Metro, I deal with traffic to/from and on the weekends).

So, I’m stressed, and I blew up. Sorry about that. (Although this is the Pit.) So, in conclusion, and considering I’m posting in the Pit . . . er . . . felch off, pigfuckers. Or something like that.

all you moved to NoVa, all is understood.

Fucking hate the place. Drove me nuts.

Understandable. I, for one, am getting married in a week, so stress is my constant companion at the moment. :slight_smile:

I hope everything turns out well for you.



I realize all that. that’s why i was careful NOT to flame you in the PETA thread. 'Sides, I like you, even if you are a wacko!;);):wink: What field is Leigh-Anne in? Maybe I can suggest something.

Wow, 3 non flame posts in the pit in a row! I must be sick!

Phil, I think your posts in the PETA can bite me" thread were entirely appropriate. You might have been a dickhead, but I don’t hold that against anyone. Especially when you were responding to a plethora of dickheads.

You are NOT a dickhead!
How can you even THINK something like that, you pathetic, pig-eating,cattle-mutilating,cud-chewing, broccoli-for-brains nutjob!!

note: since Phil was the only poster to ever flame me, I had to get him back. Finally!
BTWm pl, schools would be a lot better if they had them say prayers every day.:::::ducking and running::::::wink:

No, you’re not. With that much stress you, like everyone else, just needs a little break.

Hey, Phil, isn’t it about time you two had a kid?

{Heh heh…stress…the man’s talking about STRESS…}

Nobody blames you. I left Cleveland when I was seventeen, and I’m still depressed over it. You ever run into Dennis Kucinich at the Stop 'n Save?

No problem, no one should take another persons post too seriously. I have visited Virginia and Cleveland, I enjoyed both. I would prefer to be in the dog pound in Cleveland, or would PETA prefer that to be the Rabid Human Enclosure? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Yeah, you may be a dickhead, but you have a cute collection of stuffed animals, so we forgive you. grins

Well, move back, silly. (Or be careful how you word your posts.)

Dennis shook my hand twice at the last Christmas lighting ceremony in Lakewood.

If you find yourself getting homesick, check this out. Dennis always had his priorities screwed on right.

Folks have been trying to talk me into moving back. They haven’t had much luck.

You’re our dickhead! And that makes it special.

Tom, I’ve read that line over fifteen times (which shows my overwhelming respect for your language skills) and I still can’t igure out how it could be misconstrued.

Nevertheless, I will revise.

“I moved away from my childhood home in Cleveland when I was seventeen, in order to attend college elsewhere, and have often, in the ensuing years, found that I missed certain aspects of the Northeast Ohio Experience, including easy access to performances of the Cleveland Orchestra and kielbasa. While I have the occasional wistful daydream, I am enjoying my current existence here in New York City, and am not sure how I would earn a living if I were to move to Cleveland, unless perhaps I got in touch with my old high school buddies who are currently employed at the Carpet Remnant Warehouse down on Kinsman.”


What, he didn’t recognize you the second time? Or were you picking his pocket?

Falcon said:

Don’t remind me.

Uke, you said what you meant the first time.

(I run into enough people who claim that they were relieved to escape Cleveland or Detroit that I get in the habit of thinking that any expressed desire to return is sarcastic. Bad habit.)

Weirdo. I love it here :slight_smile: