I am an Asshole and proud of it!!

This post has been inspired by the existance of the BBQ Pit. A lot of the time a pit thread starts with poster X calling poster Y a goat felching child molestor or some other type of attack. Usualy there is much flameing and name calling in the thread with each side mustering up allies and shoreing up shaky positions. Sometimes people apologize and say they were wrong, some times they dont. I am posting this so that if I am pitted in the future I can direct the OP to this thread. It is a premptive strike of sorts.

I am an unrepentant asshole. I am Pro abortion and Pro death penalty, Anti gun control. I think that humanity in general is lacking in worth. I am unfazed by the death of anyone outside of my immedeate family. I think that all religion is a scam and a lie. I have no sympathy or empathy for anyone. I think that allowing emotion to cloud reason is the height of stupidity because the ability to reason is what separates man from animal.I dont judge people based on gender, age, sexual orientation, national origin ,color or religion, but if I am insulting someone and an insult related to any is aplicable I will use it. I actively rejoice when someone I dislike comes into harms way. I think that any form of welfare should be abolished and that the poor should either get jobs or starve and die. Most of us have jobs, so it cant be that hard. The same thing goes for drug addicts. If they cant kick the habit , then they should be allowed to O.D. and stop wasteing oxegen the rest of us could put to good use. I think people who nitpick about grammer and spelling on message boards have a stick up their ass and need to find a way to feel superior to someone. I also think that people who get worked up over things said to them on a message board need to get a grip. It is just a fucking message board, not the secret of Nym. I dont feel the need to be “politicaly correct” or use sensitivity in my speech. I call it like I see it. I dont realy expect any one else to see it that way.I come to message boards to learn a little bit about random topics and random people. I dont come here for a “morals” or “ethics” lesson. I also dont expect anyone else to agree with me.

The preceeding has been a public service announcement. Please feel free to add your own storie to the thread. I am sure that every asshole has a storie to tell. UNITY for Assholes every where!!

Well… I suppose I share some of your cynicism about the nature of human nature, but in the end people like you are actually the weakest links in the chain of humanity. It’s easy to be an asshole when you are fat and sassy, but assholes often tend to eventually get jammed by life in some form or fashion. It’s just nature’s way.

In my experience unrepentant assholes are often alone, and people who insist on being alone but virtue of their assholistic behavior are generally fairly weak and not terribly bright. Assholes are also usually the biggest and most useless crybabies and blubberers when the chips are down, and they have to be pushed aside so real people can stand up and take charge, but that’s just my experience, yours may be different.

You misplaced some commas, as well as an apostrophe or two.

Existence, molester, usually, flaming, shoring, preemptive, immediate, applicable, wasting, oxygen, grammar, nymph?NIMH?, politically, really, preceding, stories, story.

You’re quite welcome.

You’re dry. Very dry. Normally, I like that.

But you told us you’re an asshole in the Pit? Surely, this should go in one of the more factual forums?

Wow, BURNER, fighting the socialization impusle on the emotional and communication levels simultaneously?!

Spell how you want to, ya free spirit! Cmere! {Ruffles BURNER’s hair affectionately}

Which, of course, is logically flawed, since humans are also separated from animals by their capacity for emotion. So, basically, your claim is illogical. (You must have the same (logic challenged) script writers as Spock had in Star Trek, TOS.)

That’s nice. Now go outside and play.

I am not an animal.

I am a man.

Tell me, BURNER, what is the sound of ten pitizens yawning?

Is there a word meaning “someone who pits himself”?

Oh, I think you may be surprised at the number of people who’ll agree with you on this particular issue.

[ul]:cool: [sup]**Pitophile **[/sup][/ul]

It would have to combine the elements of being both a posturing drama queen and an emotionally needy attention hog… but what word to choose…?

Whatever it is, I think I just heard it.

…and once again kniz delivers the goods!

Folks, folks. We already have that word provided for us: BURNER.

You say you’re an asshole? Crap comes out of my asshole. Shall we expect similar things from you?

Not so much a story, but if mine could talk, it’d pro’ly tell me to cut back the Buffalo wings to once a month.


Me, I take people who claim to be assholes at their word. Who am I to argue with them?

:: dutifully adds whatsisname to the Big Book O’ Assholes ::

Oh really? I suppose the “aplicable” insult (related to any of the above, of course) pops up out of thin air then?


Y’know, if I was a middle aged loser with nothing to do in the evenings but masturbate and wonder why nobody loved me, I’d be pissed too.