Sorry guys.

To anyone who happened to read any of the threads in Great Debates where I used foul language and was generaly quite hostile I apologise for that.

It just pisses me off when people are deliberately belittling/snotty/insulting when they reply to posts which did not insult them or anyone for that matter.

I feel guilty for having to say those things I said but I Still feel the group of people who get thrills from insulting others don’t deserve civilized answers to what they say.

In their defence. I got angry because of more than just Their attitude. It was also the waiting for button-presses to yeild a result that made the anger bubble up over the side of the pan. Those two factors made me lose my restraint.

Oh! So it’s someone else’s fault you’re a turd-slurping fuck wad. Well isn’t that nice. Great apology.

The reason everyone’s hostile is because we are interested in clever debate in interesting topics. Not coddling some teenaged fuckbucket through puberty. Your knowledge of the subjects you posted in is non-existant…that’s not an insult, rather a clear fact. You act like you’ve had your brains scooped out with a snow shovel. THAT’S why we’re hostile. If you want attention, go do a little dance for mommy and daddy and get the hell out of here, you festering bowl of frog piss.


Please don’t hold it back… how do you really feel about lobley? Let it out…


[obligatory] Cite? [/obligatory]

Can you get any lower?

Everyone??? It’s just you I am afraid. I have not met a single person in here with an attitude as downright crap as yours.

The apology was to the decent people. And since you didn’t see it as an apology then that kind of proves you are not one of the decent people.

Another reply please SexyWriter. I just need one more worthless crappy low blow of a reply to show me finhaly that the SDMB is a complete waste of time for me to be in.

P.S. I see I hit the nerve again. This is starting to be fun.

Oh I see!! You thought it was an apology to you [SexyWriter]?

fraid not.

I must concur with my esteemed colleague, Rysdad. I’ve been off the boards a bit lately and I sure would like a linkety-link-link, so that I may establish once and for all whether or not my other esteemed colleague, lobley is in fact a “bowl of frog piss”, or whether my third esteemed colleague, Sexy Writer is really just a cranky (and yet damn funny) writer, as it were.

Syllable therapy – I used 93 syllables to say essentially, “Yeah. Cite?” Cool, huh?

I know when I am right. But I also know when I am outnumbered. If this keeps up I’ll just fuck off and let the minority of slime in an otherwise respectable message board win their crappy little battle to make an honest (if not ignorant on a selection of matters) human being feel like quitting.

Well, here’s a lovely little tidbit.

If that’s not enough to convince you, there’s always, this nugget of wisdom.

Admittedly, I’m crabby. Now you know part of the reason why.

lobley, I’d say you need to loosen up the old beanie, it’s squeezing a little too tightly.

I’m not saying you were right or wrong. I’m probably as ignorant as anybody on the argument, but if you’re going to blow a gasket over shit like in that first linked thread, you’ll be due for aneurism surgery in no time.

Just my couple o’ copper coins.

There must be importance to this issue beyond my understanding, as it now encompasses 4 pit threads. FWIW, there is no rule against apologizing within the very thread the argument started. Same goes for the re-apology when the first one doesn’t fly straight.

It was just me being a dickhead. I didn’t realize it until I went to far.

I know there’s no rule against it but I felt The apology (not this one, the other one) would be more appropriate as a main thread. not hidden away at the end of some thread where people had stopped paying attention because of my attitude in there.

You counted ALL the syllables?

I dip’s me hat to ya Jack!

[quoteThe apology was to the decent people[/quote]

Are the Decent people the ones that just happen to agree with you?

>> If this keeps up I’ll just fuck off

hey! Everybody! There’s a first for everything! lobley’s had a good idea for once!

lobley, not to be too hard on you but when a couple of teenagers who can’t tidy their rooms barge into a meeting of older and more experienced people and claim to have the answers to the world’s problems we tend to be skeptical. When you can’t even make a coherent presentation of your “views” you can expect some derision. It’s like you are trying to teach your father how to make children. believe me, your father knows how to make children.

I suggest you learn some humility and try to learn something before you try to teach something. Then you will find you are wuite welcome around here.

It was one very bad day. I had a splitting headache, nothing to do, sore back, and a bad mood. It was a low point in my behaviour and I apoligised for it in another thread.

If you are going to take the high ground sailor atleast try not to be so presumptuous and patronising. Those are not the kind of traits I’d expect to see in an ‘older and wiser’ person. I am not a teenager. I have plenty to teach as well as plenty to learn. Like most people. Again, I had a single bad day.

P.s. where does it say how old I am? or was that a complete presumption?

I also presumed you were young, because of your word choices, general tone and your mention of a conversation with your stepfather in your communism thread. In the same vein, I would
assume any poster complaining about the damned noise that kids today called music and the price of Metamucil is middle-aged. In both cases, I could very well be wrong, but those are my impressions.

I’d just like to say that I loved the communism/capitalism threads.


People are so quick to associate communism with mind-control, yet when somebody wants to start talking about it, it’s fingers in ears ‘La la la, Capitalism, can’t hear you, Capitalism, la la la’

Delicious irony, keep it up.

Sorry, I must disagree. The problem is, Mangetout, that these debates are like trying to argue with T.F. Gumby. “Communism works!” “Where?” “Communism is great!” “But why do you say that? It’s always been a dismal failure.” “Real communism works great! Capitalism will destroy itself!” “BUT IT HASN’T! It has been far more successful than communism! Where is your proof?!?” “You’re a bunch of arrogant capitalists! You block your ears and refuse to hear the truth!” etc. etc. By this point, my brain hurts.

It’s not so much that people can’t hear these posters, it’s that they aren’t saying anything worth listening to.