I'd just like to say...

… The internet is the fucking most fucking annoying place in the world!!

Trying to get pictures of the blonde in sugababes every fucking single fucking link brings up a fucky fucking popup!

ANd just to rub it in altavista keeps putting it’self back at the front! I thought you guys were better than that altavista!!
fucky fuck fuck

And fuckety fuck the fucking few links to the fucking desireable blonde all fucky fucking don’t work. all the ones of her predecesor ‘sioban’ do (what a fucketysurprise). and fucking sdmb is too fucking slow (but you have a fucking exuse so I’ll fucking say no more about that) and my fucking favourite web game (psychobabble) won’t arsing work. and my fucking boss wants us all to have a fucking meeting about fucking communication at shift change times, which fucking doesn’t apply to me because it’s the fucking supervisor’s responsibility to pass the info onto the next supervisor, and my fucking responsibilities as fucking staff are fucking nil.

But I did manage to find lots of lovely pictures of Samia Ghadie (Coronation Street - UK) so it’s not all bad.

phwar she’s a babe! o-ar phur !

Having cheered up a bit I will now say - Pardon my french.

For those who were going to say “Where’s the link” Here’s the link

Do you often carry on conversations with yourself, in public ?

He’s talking to us. Well answer him then. Ok.

Yes I do.

Actually now that I’ve thought about it. I may as well talk to myself in SDMB. no-one else talks to me.

You post a completely rude response like the one in this thread, post an OP that is all but completely incomprehensible and then you wonder why no one talks to you.

Not that I’m backing ol’ lobley, but what part of “Thanks for turning me off permanently” was completely rude?

especially after similar (or even worse) responses by grendel72, samclem, and caught@work.


Especially considering the circumstances.

I mean geez . . . have you seen lobley’s mum?

::ducks and runs::

Lobley, next time your stalker instincts kick in, and you end up having to go to 400 porn popup sites to find pictures of the girl your obsession desires, go to www.panicware.com and DL the popup stopper. It will stop 98% of popups.

Only annoyance is that you must depress ALT if you want a new broswer to pop up.

Talley-ho, and Stalk on.


It’s very un-realistic to be offended by “thanks for turning me off for life” It was meant as a joke and is the kind of answer I see ALL THE TIME in the SDMB. I will not accept that it is rude considering the context it was in.

And For my other ‘crimes’ I have apologised deeply for. Maybe you didn’t see that, maybe you only looked for whatever suited you.

Thanks. I will try it at home. However, I was looking for these babes (neither of them porn stars) at work. We’re not allowed to install stuff at work.
but thanks anyway, I will get popup stopper at home.


well, I’m disgusted by everyone’s responses in that thread. The guy was genuinely shook up by the experience and felt creeped out enough without 600 people coming in and telling him he was creepy.

And this OP is just completely mysterious to me, I still don’t know what lobley’s talking about.

But whatever…carry on.

Seriously though. For some reason I want to be liked. If I have been horrible on the SDMB I have apologised directly to those involved, and having an ego like everyone I can sometimes get hostile (probably too often) But I think I am a nice guy and reasonable (most of the time). And I like to think that at least some of the things I say are interesting. (are they?)

I understand what you mean jarbabvyj But you can’t seriously expect a thread like that to not attract those kind of replies! It is rather idealistic and not realistic.

That kind of thing is definately the kind of thing you keep to yourself! If you are going to post it to a place where thousands of people see it you’ve gotta be joking if you think it’s not going to get a few sniggers!

It’s like me standing up in a lecture of 200 people and saying
“I fantasise about my gran!” and expecting everyone to be understanding!

And it’s beginning to bug me that people say this kind of thing. So my posts are not simple and straightforward. Just read them properly, you should get it, and this is the pit, where people rant incoherently sometimes.

I understand my thread perfectly. People never have trouble understanding me anywhere else!

Ok. Who is the ‘blonde from sugababes’? Who are ‘you guys’ that are better than altavista?

I’m not trying to be overly hard on you lobley…but you seem sort of, prickly pear-ish. You’re super quick to be offended, super quick to apologize, you want everyone to like you, you think everyone hates you…

I guess my response is…settle down a bit.

Since we’re in the pit, can someone tell me if my most recent reply to that thread is ‘rude’?

Sometimes I can’t resist the bad jokes. I try, but it’s so difficult. I had a really really horrible joke that I could have posted in one thread today, and I didn’t, so do I get half a karmapoint for that? Kind of like Calvin being sorry after throwing the snowball, since Xmas is coming… it’s especially difficult when I’m shifting my schedule like now and I’m only on the bored to try to keep from falling asleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee