Ok... So, I'm getting an iPhone

Last week Mrs. L.A. accidentally knocked my crappy LG Tribute phone off the counter and it landed in the cat’s water dish. It seemed to be OK, but it has started acting up. So I’ve ordered a ‘Certified Pre-loved’ iPhone 6S from my mobile carrier. (I would have bought new, but they didn’t have any.) It’s only 16 GB, but that’s four times what the Tribute has.

Wow, your wife is wrecking everything lately!



Damn, Johnny L.A., I liked you before you decided to turn to the Dark Side.

You know I use a MacBook Pro at home, right? And I have a PowerBook G4 as an emergency back-up computer? And there’s a 2001 iMac Indigo Power PC in the storage unit? :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ll enjoy it! You’ve always enjoyed the “It just works” aspect of Apple. I’ve got a 6S 16gb and it’s great, still plenty fast and more than enough space.

I thought the other side was the dark side :smack:

Just fired up my newish (certified refurbished) iPhone 7…my iPhone 6 would not charge and was kinda beat up.

I like that iPhones are user friendly and sync up with my iPad and MacBook BUT…BIG but, get extra lightening cables. The cables go bad WAY too fast.

Are you reading this Mr Cook, fix your damn cables!

I won’t have anything but an iPhone. Apple to the core.

The newer ones are water resistant, FYI. :slight_smile:

BUT the 6s is the last model to have a headphone jack, which is why I’ll be holding on to mine as long as it’s practical. I have bluetooth headphones and I use them, but I like having the option to go wired if need be.

ETA: Plus, my experiences with Apple bluetooth have been less than great so far. Maybe they’ve fixed their BT issues in the new phones, but given their attention to it on their Macbook Pros, I remain skeptical.

They can’t fool me, the plan is to get us tired of cables so Apple can finally one day introduce the iPhone XV totally devoid of ANY physical plugs or buttons.

^This^ We’ve taken to buying cheap chinese knock-off cables. They don’t last very long either, but at least they cost 1/3 as much.

I wish Blackberry hadn’t gone belly up. :rolleyes:

Get the Anker PowerLine+ cables. They’re a little expensive but you could hang an elephant with one without damaging it, and you’ll save the frustration of having a cable go out while on travel. The OEM cables are shit.

I’m not a big fan of Apple as a company (and I’ve got some things to say about Tim Cook that would break the internet), but I do appreciate their dedication to privacy in a world where most companies are trying to mooch your data for profit, and they do make robust and reliable hardware that is well integrated.


Iphone, schmI-phone. No, really good luck. And the cord thing IS a real problem.

I’ve never had an iPhone. They have cords? :eek:

That’s going to be a problem, as my office is 115 miles from home. I don’t know if I can find a cord that long.

Before you do anything drastic…Go to your vet.
If the cat still seems to be OK, maybe it will stop acting up. :slight_smile:
As for the iPhone…well, please accept my condolences.
If you get enough support from your loved ones, and some professional counselling, it should be possible for life to go on, even after you cross to the Dark Side.
oh, you will need extra cables, too.

On the plus side there are tons of cheap accessories.

I utterly bricked my Galaxy J3 Emerge a few months ago (turns out that water-resistant is not the same as twenty miles of copious sweat-resistant) and, because it wasn’t the first phone to die thusly at my hands, my wife decreed that I’d get her old iPhone, while she upgraded to a new one.

And I hate it. The screen is tiny, it randomly jumps around when I’m online, the touchscreen is often unresponsive. I hate not having a Back button, I hate having to input my passcode on said unresponsive screen, I find it a pain in the ass to use. I dislike it so much, I haven’t every downloaded any games with which to waste time. I know iPhones inspire an almost religious fervor among the devotees of St. Stephen of the Black Turtleneck, but the Kool-Aid tastes foul to me.

Beggars and choosers, but I can’t wait to get back to an Android.

Some people just don’t like them, and that’s fine, but it sounds like your wife fucked up her phone, then she gave it to you to use.