Ok, so my boyfriend is working up to posting here.

How about Don Da Duh Don?

I think you mean actuary.

You mean “alternatively”.

Even though it’s technically an acceptable word, I really dislike its unnecessary, but increased, use.

(one of those things that shouldn’t matter, but really get under my skin)


i am a gud speeler and tiper already

Sorry, taco, you’ve got the attitude wrong - first you’re supposed to say that it doesn’t matter how you type and spell because people know what you’re saying regardless, and then you’re supposed to say that you don’t care about how badly you spell anyway. :slight_smile:

Based solely on this post, I doubt that Una Persson will be in a position to profit by your suggestions.

Well, you can’t know you’ve been corrected the first time until you read it. And it really depends on context. Here we’re specifically talking about spelling errors. So no, GuanoLad will not be joining the 300+ people currently on my Ignore list.

This is Thanksgiving week in America. If he registers and makes his first post before the week is out, he’s entitled to a free pass, and all the tryptophan he can ingest. However, if he misses this opportunity, all bets are off and he runs the risk of being required to attend all remaining Bears’ games at his own humiliation when he does eventually register and post.

I was surmising that he was already in the outer darkness. I am stoked, however, to discover that I remain visible.

Though presumably he’s on your shit list.

There are nice ways and not so nice ways to correct spelling.

“Maybe if you searched in Google on ‘management’ instead of ‘managment’ you’d find more hits” would be polite.

“yur speling sux” is rather less polite and invokes Gaudere’s Law.

Goat… goat… goat… NorineW, what did we do with the goat after your housewarming?

I expect that’s a long list, and I’d be proud to be amongst my peers.

One statement:

Users names can have capitalization and spaces.

I hope that everyone else is engaging in this humourously, because I certainly was.

I would certainly hope so too.

That’s what the google tool bar is fore.

Since he’s got the date right on that, we’ll welcome him with open arms.