OK Thong Boy...Front and Center.

So there I was, minding my own business, getting my daily exercise at the health club I belong to. It’s a very nice facility, with all the amenities of a full service spa, basically. It’s pricey, about 50 bucks a month, but well worth it…until thong boy.

Now presumably, thong boy pays the same thing I do, so I’ve got no real bitch about what he wears to swim. If he wants to wear a banana hammock for swimtrunks, more power to him, except it’s kinda gross to wear only underpants to swim, but whatever.

The problem I have, comes when thong boy takes his thong off and combs his hair. Now it’s at this point you may ask yourself ‘what the hell is this guys’ damage? He doesn’t like the way someone combs their HAIR?’

Well, see, the thing is, that he does this, while nude, which, again, in a locker room is no great shakes, it’s the standing on the bench that I object to.

Yes, that’s right, there’s a naked man, STANDING ON A BENCH, combing his hair. With his wee willie scarcely swinging in the breeze right at FUCKING EYE LEVEL.

Look, fuckwit, STOP STANDING ON BENCHES WHILE NAKED. I don’t want your junk wigglin itself at me on my way to the steam room. And while we’re at it, thong boy, howsabout putting a fucking towel down BEFORE sitting on the community furniture. The benches are one thing, but these chairs are FABRIC, ya asshole.

People sit down on them to fix their shoes, watch tv, relax a minute, and sometimes they do so in good clothes, which are NOT complimented by your ass gravy, fucktard.


No, actually, I was thinking “WHAT hair is this thong boy combing” :eek:

Does this look like a Q?

How about now?

"OK Thong Boy…Front and Center. "

“NO! I DIDN’T MEAN LIKE THA…, aww hell.”

Yeah, I’m a lousy typist, did you have a real point?

It’s a Family Guy reference.

Every gym has one. There’s always that guy who likes to go work out, get all sweaty and nasty, then go back to the locker room and prance around naked. Sure, I understand you want to weigh yourself without your clothes and shoes. And obviously you have to be naked to shower. But do you have to take business calls (he was talking about buying and selling so I assume it was a business call) in the locker room naked with one foot up on the bench so the whole world can see your junk hanging?

Not good, Bruno. And definately not for sharing.

Ummm OH!! Sorry!!! I thought it was rather weird that someone I didn’t “know” at all was picking on my grammar/writing skills. (I guess I’m a bit cranky as my back went out tonite, and I missed my workout :mad: I HATE being old"}

No, no! I wasn’t making fun of your typing, if there was anything wrong with it at all. Lord knows I get my share of misplaced letters. Maybe I should have put it in quotes. Truce?

Yeah, but was he HOT?

I’m so embarrassed, not normally THAT touchy. :smiley:

No need to ask for a truce, I was out of line to assume offense when none was meant!!!

(I guess I’ll have to watch some network TV huh? I don’t know who “Family Guy” is)

buttonjockey308, I read your post aloud to my husband, who commented, “Thong boy is advertising. There’s always a few at every gym.”

Perhaps TB is an exhibitionist, who gets off on this?

I agree any guy spending too much time naked in the locker room is a bit disconcerting. But I will not wrap a fresh towel around myself before my shower, when I’m still all sweaty and nasty. After the shower, though, it’s a different matter.

Is there any conceivable reason for him standing on the bench? Is there a mirror too high on the wall or something?

Ok, now that’s something he really shouldn’t be doing in the locker room :eek: .

And certainly not at eye level :wink: .

It is difficult to be an exhibitionist at home alone.

The dude knows full well what he is doing, and he likes showing off.

Ignore it. Or embrace it.

Whatever feels better.

BTW…I bet you would be less indignant if a hot woman were swimming wearing a thong in the pool…