Ok, Trolls Win

This whole BS with Bodkin now has people blaming me for being a troll and using a sock puppet. I don’t see how I can convince anyone otherwise as many seem to have made up their minds about me. Apparently, these past few months I’ve been contributing and being nice and staying out of the Pit just to lull everyone into a false sense of security so I can save up for this. People want to think Tigress is my sock puppet, go ahead. Go ahead and think that I created her home pages just to make it that much more believable, when I don’t even have my own home page finished. Go ahead and think that the pic of her on my hpomepage is just a random picture of a girl I know. Go ahead and think whatever you want. All the fun has been sucked out of the SDMB for me now so I’m leaving for a while. I hope this blows over cuz I really enjoyed posting here with everyone.

Bratman, as the lurker I am I have been watching all this unfold and been quite shocked. I, in no way, feel that you started this or brought it on yourself. If you feel you must leave I kinda understand because the whole thing was whacked but could you please come back at least once a week or so and post one of your stories because you crack me up!!!

Granted we don’t know each other but I have always read your posts and will miss them desperatly!

Just for the record I think what has happened here is bulls**t . I am willing to take the man at his word and on his history here . Just because people didn’t like the whole Tiger and Boo Boo thing does not mean that it wasn’t real .
I also can see why Brat was a target for this troll . He has been a very frequent poster of late and with the Boo Boo thing he has become even more prominent . Also as far as I know he doesn’t have contact with anyother poster apart from the board . He also stated that he posts from work so this thing happening on the wkend meant that it could have got a lot of responses before he could see the board to call it the B.S. that it was .

It’s very unfortunate that some people on this board are very quick to judge a poster that has done absolutly nothing wrong ( maybe the tiger thing was annoying , but that’s about it . )

IMHO it’s a real shame that a site which make the claim to be fighting ignorance is so quick to make judgements before all the evidence is in .

If a Mod. or a Administrator posts saying the I.P.'s match or something like that then obviously I am wrong and will sya so but until then I am taking the man at his word .

:: waiting for accusations to be thrown my way now ::

Rereading my post it seems that I might be implying that the site or admin might be making judgements . I meant some posters not the admin.

Your post in the other thread pretty well explained it all. Your absence just seemed odd to me.

I’m willing to retract any assertion I have made.

I’m with yojimbo. I believe you Bratman, but this thread was unnecessary. People will be opinionated whatever you do man. The proof of it all will become apparent within a few hours anyway. I’m sure the mods are working on it as we speak.

Posting this thread only aggrevates the drama this entire thing has brought about already.

Also, some advice: don’t correct your girlfriend here on the boards, talk to her. I mean, seriously. I visited her website, and if that shit’s for real, she needs all the positive attention she can get from you. That does NOT come across as the website of a stable person.
AND she needs to stay away from this place - it is not for the thin-skinned.

I’m sorry if I sound harsh, but it’s my opinion, and I mean no harm by it. Bottom line is, I believe you and your GF are real people, and this Odz fellow is one sick motherfucker.

I beleive you but what the hell is wrong with Tigress? I am referring to this http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?threadid=30338

If that isn’t Trollish behavior I don’t know what is.

You have my support as well, Brat. This too shall pass; trust in the moderators and administrators to untangle it and ban the cretins.


Considering how kind you’ve been to me ever since you started posting here, I am saddened and dismayed that this crap has happened to you. I have corresponded with you off the board and know you to be a very thoughtful and considerate friend. I got your email on Friday, indicating you were worried because you hadn’t seen me post much lately. I haven’t replied because I’ve been so busy working on the People Pages that I simply haven’t had time. I thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart, for caring so much about me, Ron.

You are a wonderful person, Ron - witty, fun, charming, nice and thoughtful (amongst other things). I haven’t paid any attention to the boo boo thing, but I don’t fault you for that (except perhaps to wonder what the attraction is). If anyone here can’t see what a valuable poster you are, thinks you’re a troll capable of something as despicable as what happened this weekend, or doesn’t believe that you’ve been the victim of a horrible, sick joke, well, they can just bite me.

Your friend always,

I believe you too, your history has been impeccable until this whole mess.

Please stay, you make me laugh daily.

From my vantage point, for what it’s worth.

“Boo Boo’s Little Tigress” is not BratMan. Totally different stuff.

However, there is an identical IP number for BratMan and OdzBodkin. It’s not the usual range of IP numbers we’ve seen from Bratman, so that also makes one wonder what the story is.

Pending an explanation, I’ve removed posting privileges from all concerned.

your humble TubaDiva

Bratman, I for one am sick of trolls. I believe you. Not that it counts for much as I’ve been here all of a month and am tired of being skeptical, but you’ve shown yourself, if nowhere but online, to be a decent human being and I can see someone wanting to take advantage ofyour good reputation here to have some fun at your expense.

HOLY SHIT I’m starting to feel silly and naive .

Thanks Tuba .

It’s really too bad that you had to be the victim like this. I hope you come back. I like your posts, and you make me laugh and you also make me think. It’s a good thing, and I’d miss it.

Is this what you used to say in Air Force Intel (68th Squadron, according to your home page) when someone used your own information against you?

4 years in Air Force intel? Hmph. Color me skeptical.

Why should the trolls win?

Is this what you used to say in Air Force Intel (68th Squadron, according to your home page) when someone used your own information against you?

4 years of Air Force Intel experience and you come up with “Okay, trolls win”? Hmph. Color me skeptical.

What has happened to pre-tigress BratMan?

What’s with this board today? The first time I submitted I got a “too many connections/too busy” message, but both drafts posted eventually.


I’m with you Bratman. From Python fanatic to another, I encourage you not to run away from this, no matter how brave it is (Don’t listen to the minstrels!). This is probably an occurrence of French troll taunting.

Someone may pick up some choice details from your site and decide to report to the board that you’ve been in some kind of heinous accident.

In the wake of the loss of Wally I can’t understand who would think this is funny.