OK, van drivers with your side door open...

… what the heck are you doin? Twice this weekend I’ve seen this phenomenon in the western suburbs of IL, and it’s so white trash it just hurts, not to mention illegal. Is there some sort of tradition I’m unaware of here? :confused:

I guess they figure it’s contributing to art, drama, literature, movies, music, comics, cuisine – all the artistic disciplines – maybe it’s about creativity, entertainment, or leisure.

Maybe Flea has seen this in movies, or on television shows. Or read about such behavior in a novel.

Was it Toe Cutter?

Is it hot there this time of year? Sometimes I feel like I’d like to leave a whole door open but I drive a sedan. :mad:

Perhaps someone’s in back chucking out newspapers?

Maybe it’s got one of those super-kewl airbrushed scenes with an artistic (scantily- or un-clad) buxum babe on it, that the OP can’t see properly because the door is open.

Or maybe this is supposed to have gone into the Pit…

This might have been meant for the Pit, but since it really lacks vitriol, I’ll move it to MPSIMS. It doesn’t belong to Cafe Society, though, our forum for discussion of art and entertainment.

When your A/C is broke a open side door will both cool and remove small debris from the interior of your vehicle.

It’s for the door gunner.

Most don’t know this, but the Ford Aerostar was originally designed as a Combat Search and Rescue vehicle (CSAR) for downed NATO pilots in the Eastern Bloc during a presumed WWIII. The side door was put in at the behest of the helicopter community, and the quick-loading hatchback was modeled on that found on a Yugo, thus allowing it to blend in.

Once fitted with a navigational, communications, and offensive/defensive radar suites, the Aerostar was a formidable opponent. The driver who you saw in IL was probably a former-CSAR pilot.

Also, the innovation of the “moon roof” was for a topside turret gunner.

I thought it was a cultural thing, my bad.

I’m not sure if it’s a way to cool the car when it’s hot out and skimp on the A/C cost, but that wind drag can’t be doing much for the mileage anyway. It wasn’t in a movie, Fiver. I saw it twice in the same day, both times in vans driven by white folk, with people in the back seats, all strapped in like that would protect them should they get t-boned. It was weird.

It’s a rolling brick… what mileage? :cool: