ok what the hell is this thing on my cell phone screen?

its a nokia… dont know the .

top left corner is a D. i dont know what that is, but its doesnt concern me because its always there. out of curiousity though, what is it?

directly to the right of the D is a symbol which basically consists of two circles next to each other connected by a line. sorta like this… o_o but they’re closer together and its more fluid. The thing that worries me is that it isnt always there. whats it mean?

The D means that you are in a Digital service area, and can take advantange of all the digital features of your phone. If you go out in the boonies to an area without digital service you can’t use these features. Don’t know about the other symbol. Have you tried reading the user’s manual that came with the phone?

The D is probably for Digital. (If you don’t know the difference between digital and analog, don’t worry about it. I don’t think it really matters.) I don’t know about the other thing. Do you have the manual?

no i dont have the manual… i threw it out with the box as soon as i got the phone

The other symbol is probably to notify you that you have voice messages. The icon is supposed to be two reels on a tape recorder. I think my old dual mode Samsung had that but my current one has an envelope icon.

If the other symbol is what I’m thinking of, it means you have a voicemail message.

:rolleyes: I hope you got rid of the warranty card too. Can’t be too careful.

You may try going to the manufacturer’s website. Most have downloadable manuals in Acrobat format.

oh im way past warranty

Voice mail for the second one.

Most products these days don’t even have warranty cards included in the package. Even when they do, you do not ever have to fill them out and send them in to be covered–they are little more than tools to get your address for purposes of sending you junk mail.

Let me amend that slightly. The above is true for a Full Warranty. However, for a Limited Warranty, the manufacturer may require you to return a registration card, athough IME, these are becoming rare. I haven’t seen one in years. For more information on the various types of warranties, read the Businessperson’s Guide to Federal Warranty Law.

Very bad Habit.

Great, another graduate of my mother’s school on how to handle new technologies :wink:

As mentioned: the D means you’re on the Digital network; your set is likely designed to roam over to the analog network if you lose the D signal. The o_o symbol means you have voicemail. Depending on your service plan you can retrieve it by menu-ing down onscreen to that command, or by callign yourself and then going thru the voicemail’s own over-the-phone menu.

This might be a bit of a nit-pick, but that’s not true at all in many cases. Almost all digital/analog phones burn through batteries much more quickly in analog mode, and many carriers charge outrageous roaming fees for analog roaming even if the plan doesn’t charge for roaming under any other circumstances (check the fine print on any “no roaming fee” plans.) So pay close attention to that digital mode indicator if you happen to be in an area with poor cell coverage, like a rural area. Analog service tends to extend a bit farther from the tower than digital, so it’s not uncommon for analog to be the only available service in certain rural and/or hilly areas. And finally, when in analog mode many of the advanced features you might expect to be there aren’t (text messaging, voicemail notifications, etc.)