OK.what's Audrey Hepburn doing in this photo ?


Anthony Hopkins is standing beside her and she appears to be feeding champagne to a fawn.

Anyone got any thoughts as to what the context is ?

It occurs to me, is it definitely her ? It’s very like her, but I could believe it was a look-alike.

It’s Anthony Perkins not Hopkins and it’s beer not champagne and it’s all to do with Green Mansions.

Here she is on screen with the deer.

<beaten to the Green Mansions answer while doing research>

Anyone know who the guy is crouched down and about to pounce a native at 35 seconds?

Henry Silva was in the movie. That’s Perkins pouncing and he and Silva fall into the pool.

There’s a beer in my deer…

What she’s doing is looking fine.

That you, Hank?

Check out Tony Perkins wearing the sash instead of a belt!

For anyone who hasn’t seen the movie (or read the Classics Comic version, as I did), Audrey Hepburn was playing Rima, a mystical Nature Girl who lived in the rain forest. She could talk to animals in a kind of magical warbling voice.

Audrey had a lot of scenes where she was communing with nature and talking to animals, including that little deer. Presumably, she and co-star Anthony Perkins though it would be funny to pretend to give the little guy a brewski.

Audrey had to get burned alive in that movie, so cut her some slack! She was entitled to a laugh!

Too fine!

There are some roles where method acting is not your best approach.

Is it beer? They’re not having some sort of Babycham moment? (logo)