OK who works for Turbine?

From the LOTRO update notes for Roheryn:

Note the capitalization. (I added the bolding.)

Who is it? 'Fess up, now.

It really would be neat if a Doper did work there.

“Straight dope” as a term for insider information has been around a long time … far longer than the Straight Dope community or Cecil’s column.

I agree that the straight dope is a term that predates uncle Cecee or the SDMB. however The Straight Dope is a proper name which refers to uncle Cecee and our little playground.

That’s why I added “Note the capitalization.”

Turbine being a fairly small company, the odds are that none of them are Dopers, but I thought it was amusing, anyway.

It’s possible though not highly likely that I might have been the influence.

A friend of mine works there. I go visit him a couple times a year (I got a tour of the company once), and normally we just post on another (small population/post volume, more or less private) message board, where I’m pretty sure I’ve posted links to Unca Cecil’s work before. So if he happened to read one of those linked columns, maybe he picked up the reference there. (Another poster at this other board was a member here for a short time; I can’t recall if she posted anything.)

If anything, it’s a good excuse for me to shoot him an E-mail.

If you do, tell him to keep up the good work.
I love LOTRO.

Or it’s the title of a section that, being a title, would also be capitalized.