Okay, are we supposed to be all offended because Bush cursed?

At the G8 summit. He and Tony Blair were discussing the Israel/Lebanon situation, and he said (almost with his mouth full), “What they need to do is get Syria to get Hezbolla to stop doing this shit and it’s over.” (I can’t find a direct link, but it’s on CNN’s homepage.)

Personally, I am not offended. I actually think Dubya earned back a few of the many cool points he lost after that excruciating press conference last week. Not because he cursed, but because he was so much to the point. Even if the solution is not as simple as he apparently thinks it is, that really is what it comes down to (IMO) and I knew what he was getting at, for once.

:::hoping we can discuss this without it getting tossed into the Pit:::

I was more offended by the way he was talking with his mouthful than by what he actually said. Anyways, he’s already been caught cursing – ie, that guy he called a “major league asshole.” Granted, in the hierarchy of curse words “asshole” isn’t as bad as “shit.”

I don’t think most people will think twice about it. I’m kind of surprised the media’s making anything of it at all.

I’ve yet to hear a single person say they were offended although I’ve heard a number of people both online and in the media jump in preemptively and talk about how “everybody is making a big deal out of it.” I don’t know who those people would be. Liberals don’t give a shit. Conservatives don’t give a shit. It has some minor novelty value so it’s getting some media play but I haven’t actually heard anyone being seriously critical about it.

I think this is a one day story on a slow news day. It wasn’t even really funny or anything.

If the president of the United States cannot swear, we’re all fucked.

Jesus, ya know CNN actually made this story a “breaking news” story? Sigh…well, at least it’s better than fixating on Natalie Hollaway, I guess.

I think we should be offended by the flip attitude of his comments, not the swearing. Tony Blair looked like he was at the same time embarrassed and just flabbergasted at the stupidity of his ally.

Anyone ever see the made for HBO movie Harrison Bergeron? Eugene Levy played the “president”, picked at random from the American masses. “The Egyptians said what??? F**K 'em!!!” Reminds me of someone…

Actually I was impressed. I thought getting the Syrians to make Hezbollah stop their shit was a pretty good plan.

I get offended any time I hear him speak so why should it matter if he’s cursing?

I kind of like hearing the president, any president, drop an s-bomb. I also like that The Daily Show played the clip of him saying it sans bleep. (Though they didn’t show the word on the screen.) If anything, it might boost his popularity with all those folks who think “person you’d like to have a beer with” is a suitable criterion for picking a president.

slow news day. heh.

Well except for WWIII.

I was just impressed that one of his handlers thought to put it on the teleprompter.

Well, cursing makes Baby Jesus cry, and Shrub is tight with the Fundie crowd, so a minor hypocrisy ding can be tallied. Not as much fun as Cheney dropping the F-bomb though.

Who would’ve thought he chewed with his mouth open?

Who thought he remembered to talk with his mouth open?

At least the media have their priorities straight, though.

Dozens of people being killed and thousands of people being evacuated from Lebanon as Israel throws its toys out of the pram? Yawn.

George W uses a word that most English-speaking people use several times a day? Shit, (oops there I go again) switch to a rolling feed and mobilise the Insight team…

IMHO, what cost Kerry the election was that brat at the Democratic convention who got up on the stage and said, “The Vice President said a naughty word!” :rolleyes: He’s a grown up, they’re allowed to say such things, that’s what makes being one so much fun.

It’s not like this is the first time a President has sworn. Harry Truman was called “Give 'em hell Harry!” for a reason. Hell, LBJ had quite the colorful vocabulary as well.

What amused me most, as reported over here, was that he got the attention of the Prime Minister with the words:

“Yo, Blair.”

And if the current ME situation isn’t “shit”, I don’t know what is. Fuck.

Bush is a rod. This is a known fact. He can sware. He’s a big boy.
A big STUPID boy, but a big boy nonetheless.

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