Okay, everyone that gets their panties all in a twist over cyclists, in here!

Recently, someone from Britain started a thread about how they didn’t like cyclists because they felt as if they didn’t obey traffic laws. Several other posters went on to contribute actual empirical evidence to that thread in the form of fatality statistics proving that in bike-auto accidents the auto driver is usually at fault, careful first-hand observations that demonstrated that the majority of cyclists actually were law abiding people, etc. Also, the fact remains that like it or not, anyone with a 3,000 lb steel machine bears more responsibility than one with a 17 lb carbon fiber one.

Anyway, I just thought I’d write another thread to implore everyone, regardless of their mode of transit, to please be courteous, understanding, and most of all careful out on the road.

Recently, a category 3 road racer from my town, riding on the same stretch of road that I’ll ride 3-6 times a week, a man that I had raced against and met once, was killed while riding up US-36 just outside of Boulder. A young man at the wheel of a white Ford Explorer fell asleep, drifted into the oncoming traffic lane, and killed Mr. Kornfield instantly, hitting him so hard that apparently his leg just, well, came off .


Within the past 24 hours, a young woman in a mini-van in Australia veered across oncoming lanes and hit six women opening up their legs for an upcoming stage race. Amy Gillett, an elite cyclist and PhD candidate was killed, three others were critically injured, and the other two are in the hospital.


Please be careful. Yes, you have yourself safely ensconced in thousands of pounds of metal, side impact airbags, and a Volvo nametag, but those of us with a bit more minimalist mode of transit would appreciate it if you’d just be careful. If you feel yourself getting tired and nodding off, for god-sakes, please take 20 minutes to nap and then go obtain caffeine. Only proceed if you’re really alert and ready for the responsibility of driving. I’ll continue to do my best to represent cyclists well, stopping at cross-walks for pedestrians, not blowing through stop-signs, and being the smallest possible delay for motorists. Hopefully we can avoid any unnecessary incidents like this in the future.

When I think about the lean bodies that I race against each weekend or my own having their limbs torn away, skulls crushed, and chests collapsed, I get a bit nauseous. [/]Don’t* cut me off in a left turn to save three seconds.



During my freshman year of highschool, the boy who was to become my best friend had to go through his father’s death due to a guy in a pickup who veered off onto the shoulder and clipped him with the side mirror. This guy was a husband, father of two, guidance counselor at the highschool, and an allaround good guy.

I think the pickup driver had dropped his cigarette.

Actually the Australians were killed and injured in Germany. I’m quite upset and I can’t imagine how BBF is likely to be feeling right now.

I’m both a cyclist and a driver, so find it hard to get too worked up about cyclists going through red lights or whatever, if there’s no danger. I imagine that, these days, most keen cyclists (apart from the very young ones) are also drivers, so I don’t think they would be too militant. Some non-cycling drivers may be a problem, though.

Sorry that last post of mine was confusing. The women were the Australian Institute of Sport’s road racing team. The accident was in Germany. As you may know, our own Boo Boo Foo has significant involvement in coaching elite junior cycling in Australia. I expect he would know many involved.

As the person who started the thread about cyclists may I say that it was not intended as a motorist on cyclist attack, I am predominately a pedestrian. My sympathies go out to all law abiding cyclists who are injured on the roads, I agree that motorists are too insulated in their metal boxes and not in touch with what goes on around them.

One of the reasons that I gave up cycling was the fact that I was knocked off my bike twice while going to college on the same stretch of road. Once was partly my own fault for riding up the inside of a car and was knocked off when the drivewr turned left at traffic lights. The second time at the same traffic lights I was at the lights when a car pulled up next to me and proceeded to turn left through me without indicating. Fortunately I was not seriously hurt, but the bastard didn’t even stop to check.

So may I say again, although I was angry from nearly being knocked over by a cyclist as a pedestrian I would not wish harm on any cyclist, obeying the rules of the road.
Threemae I agree with you entirely

if everyone felt like that the roads would be safer for everyone, cyclicts, pedestrians and motorists.

I hope my earlier thread did not cause too much offence.

Cyclists are okay. Sometimes I get annoyed because they’re riding in the lane I’m driving in, and I don’t feel like I can get around them without the risk of hitting them, so they slow me down. But I don’t blame the cyclist so much as whoever designed the road. I’m sure they’d rather not be so close to me, too.

Its a good sentiment, threemae, but one thing I have noticed over the years is that those who get their panties in a twist over cyclists rarely make their opinions known in threads if they aren’t assured will become dog-piles on the cyclists.

I was reminded the other day about the Clear Channel DJ incident. I mused over the fact that if these two had suggested taking these kinds of actions against pedestrians crossing the street, or any minority chosen either by skin color or car choice, they would have been canned faster than you can say “Tour de France”.

All clear channel managed to do was say “oopsie!” and pay a pittance to a bike club.

Need I say more?


This is the way I figure it.

I drive, and I often get stuck behind a cyclist (of which there are many here). Sure, it’s annoying. But then I remember that they’re healthier, stronger, and more fit than I will likely ever be, and they’re not creating oil waste, exhaust, and all the other crap the rest of us arecontributing to, and I think, “Good on you,” and I’ll happily wait a minute to pass them safely.

Plus, many of the cyclists here will pull into the crosswalk in intersection (if they’re empty) so that the cars piled up behind them will have a chance to pass. And hell, the bikes are slow, but at least they’re moving, which is more than I can say for the bus drivers to stop in the middle of the lane, instead of using the bus stop.

I ride my bike to work every day. This is the most bike-friendly town I’ve ever seen- there are tons of bikelanes all over town, and many people use bikes as their main transportation during the warm months.

Yesterday, though, I got forced off the road and onto the sidewalk, because some ditz decided to drift over into the bike lane. And then, before I could slow down, I sped right through some freshly-poured cement.


I felt really bad about the cement. Oh, and almost getting run over. That kinda bugged me, too.

Friend of mine was riding in a road race in the bunch, he was definately one of the favourites to win and was looking good for a place in the UK National Juniors team.

As is the usual pratcie for road races, there is a lead car with banners and full headlights, and a following car doing the same.

Mr elderly fucking arsehole decided he was too imporant to wait behind the following car, so he hurtled around it, and hit the bunch from behind, my friend was killed, he had absolutely no chance of survival though he did live for a few minutes, six others were seriously injured, one lost a leg.

I know of others having been struck by cars, and one crushed by a lorry driver who was looking down the road he was joining instead of what was immediately in front, the cyclist - Felicity Beard was on course for a record at the time, and was riding correctly down the road at the time.

When I read the shite that car drivers use as their justification for heinous acts it makes me somewhat angry, and when I see supposedly intelligent Dopers posting blind bigotry, stupidity and intolerance on these boards, simply because the mode of transport they have is faster than the cyclists, I also get somewhat pissed off.

Yow. I’ve ridden that section of road north of Boulder too many times to count. There are so many bicyclists in and around Boulder, you’d think that by now the cars would get it. That’s really sad.

I always treat cyclists with respect and give them as much room as if they were cars, the only thing that annoys me are cycalists who ride against the flow of traffic (thus hugely increasing the damage they might take in an accident) and those without sufficient visability at night.
Is it actually legal to ride a bycicle in the opposite direction to traffic? Doesn’t this hugely inconvenience cyclists riding in the direction of the traffic?

It is both illegal and unsafe. And it’s real annoying. And scarier than shit to do. People do it because their moms told them it was safer but, like many Mommyisms, it’s just plain wrong.

My wife has told our kids to walk their bikes across busy intersections. I’ve told them to ignore that order if they are reasonably sure they can make it across faster and with less likelihood of tripping if they ride.

Same goes for riding on sidewalks, on all counts.

That’s what kinda gets my knickers in twist, the definition of a “cyclist”. Here I am cruising along on my (relatively) expensive road bike, bright cycling togs on, wearing a helmet, riding just like I would drive me car. Along comes a guy on a beatup cruiser, bare chested and wearing flip flops, with a 12 pack in a front basket, riding against the traffic. Who’s the “cyclist” here? Who will have a more negative impact in general, and yet be called a “cyclist” or a bicycle rider?

Get worked up.

That kind of nonsence leads drivers to disrepect the rights of cyclists.

After all, why should one respect the traffic rights of people who blatently ignore them?

Gives us all a bad name and endangers us all, even if the drivers use faulty logic to get there…

Some have gone so far as to distinguish “cyclist” from “Person on a bike”. It sounds snobbish, but when you see umpteen people riding the wrong way it starts to have appeal.

I read about Amy Gillett earlier. The whole business with that accident has my heart in my throat. If one looks, some news stories have pictures of the bicycle “after”. It’s horrible.

This combined with

this with a little sidewalk riding and some poorly designed intersections and some of

this is how a majority of the ‘cyclist killed in accident’ stories around here go.

Drivers don’t pay enough attention, but when I ride, I expect that the entire Moron Brigade just finished a bar crawl and all got in their cars to speed home drunk in time to huff more paint to maintain their high. I can anticipate 90 percent of the stupid things they will do that way.