Okay I will

Is the job of the mod to beliittle posters, maybe feel a little uncomfortable.

If so you so rock.

Why are you looking at me?

Because I’m a dick.

So what. I can’t be prefect like you.

This is a slam about the mods/ admin.



Gfactor already has a big head. Please try to not inflate it more by comparing him to Roman higher-ups.

I asked valid questions.

Why me?

If you’re going to be more than a flyspeck of a petty annoyance you’ve got to do better than this.

We have SOME standards. (Admittedly low ones, but they’re ours.)

You know, no one is chaining you to the computer. We don’t have a gun to your head. If this is not where you’re having fun you can go have fun somewhere else.

You have always been an arrogant ass tuba. blow me or ban me.

Is that all you got?


It’s so cute. He’s trying to play with the grown ups. That’s adorable.

And you waffle all you want. I refuse to let you stop me from being me.

If i could stoop lower I’d tickle your chin. So cute.

condescending asshole

telemark bring your 6500 posts. Typing alot dont make you cool just means you have alot of shit to say and it takes forever to say it.