Okay, I've seen the extreme right wing websites... Where do I find the other side?

Apologies if this is in the wrong place. I had NO idea where to put this.

It occurred to me a while back, when I, out of morbid curiosity, was reading the Free Republic forums and 'blogs with reader comments like “As long as he [Bush] keeps killing ragheads, he gets my vote. My only problem is that he isn’t killing more faster” (actual comment). The extreme right wing locales are pretty well known in general - I mean, many are pretty proud of that fact.

But where would I find the extreme left wing sites, I mean the ones that are as looney as the ones above? And please don’t say “they’re all like that”; this is a semi-serious question, because in my mind, it’s harder to think of examples of the extremely odious left wing views, and I’d like to know what sort of bad stuff from my own side I’m dealing with.

Danke in advance.

Well, there’s PETA, ELF, Democratic Underground, and some other ones that I can’t remember at this hour.

How 'bout CPUSA, IWW, S.H.A.R.P. or Anarchy.org


The CPUSA site however, is the only one of the above links that I would consider to be “loony” though not nearly as loony as most of the extreme right.


One more…This page has a whole bunch of Anarchy related links as well.


Friend of mine was on the shit list for this page for awhile, but seems to have been replaced with George W.

Check out www.bartcop.com. It is definitely from the left, although I personally do not think it is loony.

Prospect.org, commondreams.org, buzzflash.com, and (for humor’s sake) whitehouse.org and The Onion.

The New York Observer is another one, but I don’t know the address. I’ve found some pretty alarming stories there, one in particular about the Skull & Bones (archived: “I stole the head of Prescott Bush!!” - check it out!

Hmm. Might be a good GD topic… Why it’s so difficult to find examples for the really loony left. But I’ll have to think about how to phrase it.

But thanks for the answers so far… Any more?

Try taking a freshman composition or speech class at any public college or university. The professors who teach these classes can’t seem to restrain themselves from injecting political comments into any and all discussions, no matter how off-topic or inappropriate.

Also, the Green Party USA is pretty out there. Read their platform here. They are the “other” Green Party - much more radical than the party Nader was associated with.

The Democratic Underground is the exact opposite of the example you mentioned, the Free Republic.

Another example is moveon.org which was founded to protect Bill from impeachment and has grown to be an all around liberal site. Mediawhores online is devoted to bashing the “conservative media” that dominates America. (snicker) There are many more and they commonly link to eachother.

(Sorry for not posting links, but they are an easy find with a search. I forget if the material is appropriate for work and am in a cautious mood. :slight_smile: )

IMHO, there are more liberal wacko sites out there than conservative ones. I think this is due to the fact that a conservative is in power. If a democrat is elected in the next election they will lose much of thier steam. At the same time all the ultra-conservatives who are pissed off about it will need a place to go and vent. The next thing you know conservative web pages will pop up in greater numbers and some of the liberal ones will disappear.

The various Indymedia sites.

My favorite Lefty (pet name for a friend of mine) has almost all those websites listed on his homepage! :slight_smile:

I posted for a time on Democratic Underground, but only for a little while. I wanted an anecdote to the Freepers, then I got disgusted and left.

I go to www.politics1.com. You will find just about every political website available from anarchists to Nazis, to Stalinists (American Stalinists!). You can also read feminist, gay, fundy, 3rd parties and whacko pages (American Nazi’s and Stalinists are just insane)

I haven’t been there in ages, but I remember http://www.yellowtimes.org as being pretty wacked.

A couple of favorites on the far, far loony left-of Berkeley list include movie reviews from the Maoist International Movement (every one mentioning the words “United $tates” or “AmeriKKKa”), and the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival.

With the exception of the commies and socialists, it’s really difficult to find sites that are as far left of center as the plethora of far right-wing and religious right sites out there. Bartcop is only just a bit more liberal than the Drudge Report is conservative. There is about an even balance of liberal and conservative Web sites closer to the center of the political specttrum (i.e. right of Bartcop, left of Rush Limbaugh). IMHO, of course.

Mind you, I consider myself to be a pragmatic liberal.

Rense.com is kind of out there in far left field.

I lurked on the DU forums for a while, but soon realized I needed to take everything with a grain of salt. Makes for some interesting starting points, though.

And I’m completely addicted to the Top Ten Conservative Idiots of the Week, salty though it may be. :smiley:

For sheer craziness, you can’t beat the Worker’s World.