Okay, now its *MY* turn for "was I a jerk?"

I flipped off the ice cream truck lady.

She’s been driving around for like, since forever. Everyday. That. Damn. Noise. I wish I could type what it sounds like, but I can’t. But it’s every day. For hours. You can hear it from ten blocks away.

Today she hit my street, and sat there for like 30 minutes in front of the house a couple down. There are no kids here! What are you, the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? It’s mostly senior citizens and single working adults around here. There are no children for you to snare and I don’t see my oxygen tank wearing neighbors pushing their walkers out here.

So she pulls up right in front of my house. And sat there, with the noise turned up. After at least five minutes…

I went out there. “There are no children here. Do you see children? You aren’t going to sell anything here. Could you turn that down, it’s extremely annoying.”
“I can do whatever I want on the street, SIR.”
“I can do whatever I want in my yard MA"AM.”
Then I flipped her off.

She drove away. Slowly, with the music still playing. But at least she left.

I’m a jerk, aren’t I?

No toasted-almond for you.

(but you are Da Bomb-pop :smiley: )

No. you were a jerk back…there’s a huge difference.

I hate these trucks. Is there any way to bust them for ‘cruising’-- you know, driving up and down the same street, music blaring. . .

Reminds me of two of my neighbours, when one turned the stereo up, the other would start mowing the lawn - until the music was turned down. Anything up to a half dozen times a day.

They were both ‘technically’ wrong, but lawnmower guy was provoked.

Good for you, great comeback, and one that wouldn’t annoy your neighbours any further.

Well you know, if someone came by with a cheeseburger & taco truck, they just might get me. Know your market, and all that.

But the fucking noise. Argh!

You were not a jerk. In fact I’d have been out there with you. That “music” is so damn annoying, and it’s always flat.

On the other hand, think of her perspective. No matter where she goes, the “music” is ***right there!!! ***Perhaps she couldn’t turn it off, and was taking a break, with earplugs.

It’s time to check the noise ordinances. Get one passed and call it that bitch ice cream pimp law if needs be.

She did turn it down just long enough for our little exchange, so she can turn it down. I think she pulled something out of her ear too, in order to hear me. You’d pretty much have to wear hearing protection. That truck is really fucking loud from a couple blocks away, but when it was in front of my house it was penetrating EVERYTHING, like it was right next to me.

I can’t imagine doing that for a living. But you know what, while I’m all for free enterprise & entrepreneurial stuff, GETAWAYFROMMYHOUSE.

That would be much more constructive than putting speakers in the windows of your house and drowning out her Midi-Din with ACDC’s ‘Back In Black’ at maximum volume. But only because you’d have to deal with your neighbors at the next block party.

But if you were washing your car in your driveway and your hose squirted past the roof of your car and into her truck speakers by accident, hypothetically, how much of a fine would we be talking about…?

I used to date a guy who was an ice cream man. He got a ticket for noise ordinance violation when driving his truck slowly down a residential street with the music turned up. Next time your bitchy ice cream lady does it, call the cops. That’ll keep her off “her” block, meaning yours, I bet.

Nope. You are, however, my new hero.

As annoying as those ice cream trucks are, I’d say it depends on your tone when you first approached her.

NYC recently passed an ordinance that those jingles cannot be played in a continuous loop. Michael Bloomberg for President 2008!

Good for NYC!

levdrakon, you were a jerk. But sometimes you gotta be a jerk to get the job done. You got the job done. Feel free to be a jerk again. :slight_smile:

I might have to look into that. Ice cream trucks just struck me as something old-fashioned and grandfathered and probably protected by some ordinance or other. I mean, if a 17-year-old sat out there blasting his speakers I’m certain a cop would cite him/her. And who lets their kids run out into the street after these trucks anyway? Parents hardly let their kids trick-or-treat anymore.

Dude, that’s so tempting.

Cool thing is, I haven’t heard her at all today. Not anywhere within hearing distance. Let’s cross our fingers and hope the asshole in house number 666 scared her away from the whole neighborhood.