Okay, so the machines win. Now what?

With the upsoming Matrix and Terminator sequals I got to wondering, what the hell is supposed to happen if the machines win? Once they wipe out humanity, what do the machines do next?

The same thing we’re doing now?

Goofing off and sucking up too much caffeine?

Well, the macines in The Matrix aren’t trying to wipe out humanity, just those human who oppose them.

As for the Terminator . . . you got me.

If they ever make a Terminator 4, John Connor should finally get killed, only to have his death change things in such a way that an even more effective human resistance leader rises up and the forces of Skynet get crushed like chumps.

That wasn’t supposed to happen.” replaces, “I’ll be back.” as the new series catchphrase.

What happens when the machines win?

Humans call “best two out of three.”

Near as I can tell, Skynet has no reason to want to destroy humanity other than the fact that destroying humanity is what self-aware supercomputers do in bad sci-fi.

If the ever succeded in totally wiping out humanity, they’d probably stand around a lot. And rust.

Occasionally, somebot would ask Skynet, “What next?” and Skynet would reply, “Beats me.”

Actually, the machines in Matrix have already essentially defeated the human race.

So what are they doing? Planing missions to mars? Trying to build a better tomorow for the future robot generations?

I like the machines in the Iain M. Banks ‘Culture’ novels. They have effectively taken over - they make nearly all the important decisions, have godlike intelligence and powers, and the humanoids are totally dependent on them for their way of life. They seem to keep humans around because they are amusing, because sometimes their intuition matches their best Minds in making predictions, and because carrying around 200 million humans in you gives a sort of balancing effect, gives the Minds more of a sense of self-preservation.

The humans aren’t oppressed at all, though. They live in a pseudo-socialist state of anarchy. Work has been replaced by play and hobbies, people live as long as they want, can produce recreational drugs naturally at will through modified glands, and most have actually been physically modified to be able to experience more pleasure in life - most members of the Culture have orgasms that can last hours, for instance. True, the Culture needs to get involved in wars every now and then to justify their existence, and billions or sometimes trillions of sentient beings end up dead because of it, but I think I’d like to live there.

I had a threada while back on the philosophy of the Matrix. IMHO, sentience is sentience. Just because one is machine and one organic doesn’t necessarily give one precedence. In the Matrix, the humans were pretty shitty once they had to share the planet with a group of machines – they nuked the planet, they entered armed resistance.

The machines are pretty benevolent here. Yeah, they imprison the humans, but the humans for the most part don’t know. In fact, the first Matrix they built was a virtual utopia (which the humans rejected). All the poor machines want to do is go on with their lives, and do it by keeping the humans around. I mean I’m sure they could cook up some other way to power the Matrix besides keeping humans around (geothermal energy, nuclear power, I dunno), but perhaps they have deference to their creators and therefore want to keep them around in what is basically symbiosis.

So here’s what they should do. Sit down with Neo and negotiate. Let the humans in the Matrix know the truth, and then change the Matrix into something close to Zion for a month. I’m sure it will be shitty enough that many humans will want to stay behind in the Matrix. For those who don’t, let them leave. Both the machines and the people get to go on about their life, in relative happiness. Perfect solution.

I’m sure that’s what the top machines are telling all the ones doing the manual labor. Meanwhile, the lead machines are kicking back, dressing up in human clothes, getting drunk on high-octane gasoline.

I suppose the workers spend a lot of their off-time gathered in the factories singing “'bots of England, 'bots of Ireland”.

Well, there was a really shitty comic a while back called Robocop vs. Terminator. I’m guessing you can tell the premise. Anyway, in this storyling, the Terminators eventually succeed in wiping out every last human on Earth. They then build a space fleet in order to travel the universe and continue domination. Of course, all this, and apparently Terminator 3, completely disreguard the fact that SKYNET FELL!!! THE HUMANS WON, GODDAMNIT!!!

As for The Matrix, I have a feeling once Zion is destroyed, the Matrix itself will be shut down. Agent Smith makes a comment while interrogating Morpheus, that once they get Zion’s mainframe codes and destroy the resistance “I can leave this place.” Where would he go? Why would his presence no longer be needed? Even if the resistance is crushed and every last human on Earth is pluged into the machine, it seems Agents would still be needed to help keep the goings on in the Matrix in order. Can’t let the humans wander around unchecked, now can they? It would all just happen again. So, I’m thinking they’d probably formulate a way to lombotomize every human so thought no longer existed, and just use the bodies to continue to create energy. Then, the robots anc omputers can get on with whatever life they see fit.

They probably attacked first. Sicne mankind seemed to have the ability to survive underground, blowing away civilization to win probably seemed like a good idea. Almost worked, too.

I’m sorry, I like to make my own choices in life. Without being locked in a mechanical demi-urge. They don’t give a fat damn about any human being.

Gee, no it isn’t, because the machines and humanity are both locked in a struggl to the death. Perhaps you missed that part? Your like the UN in Somalia - you assume that because you want a peace, so does everyone else. Cease fires don’t work when the combatants want the conflict.

When come back, bring humans.

re: the OP: They find out, one nanovirus too late, that critical information such as how to program the machine replicators isn’t written down anywhere (like the true recipe for Coke), or there’s some key step in the machine-creation process that can’t be automated… once the humans are all dead, the machines slowly start to degrade and fall apart.

My unpopular opinion about the Matrix: What if the Freed are wrong? What if the humans nuked the sky in a global thermonuclear war, sparking a nuclear winter which killed off most of the planet? The only survivors of note are a bunch of scientists at the Matrix Project, who realized their only hope for suvival was to plug themselves into the matrix and tell the machines to keep things running until the skies cleared and the planet was human-habitable once again… all those people saying the “copper-top” idea is bogus are absolutely right. When Agent Smith said “the first few crops were lost,” this meant that the first batch of scientists who got wired in all died, so none of the people currently in the matrix have any idea what’s really going on. The matrix exists solely to keep humanity alive, and all of the attempts of the Freed to break free of it and free all of humanity will only serve to wipe out the human race before the earth is habitable again…

well, both of these have been preceeded by Colossus. Colossus, the US supercomputer, linked up with the Soviet version, and saw that both sides had plans to destroy the other - including their new god like computers. so, to prevent supercomputercide, the computers joined forces, which of course, pissed off the humans, who tried to destroy them. (the meat based machines lost). I think this kind of “shut it down before it completely controls us” attitude can take place in the terminator - after all, if the machines run everything, why waste time on keeping terminally ill humans alive, why have pepperoni pizza when a protein shake will do, why waste time broadcasting “Joe Millionaire” why you can simply have everyone tune into “Modern Marvels?”

I guess something similar could hold true for the Matrix - would anyone out there like me to tell them what to dream? but I really like Ethilrist’s take on it.

Well, you could argue she got sent back before Skynet fell. The problem is then she got sent back after the 1997 Judgement day, so that means she has to have sent back to terminate John before the resistance was a big player and just a bunch of punk kids. granted i have no clue how the heck she is supposed to find connor then, as there is no phone book or adopted family to look up. Maybe she was programmed to sex-kill or something. But i bet that all of this logical stuff is thrown out and we get the Skynet was only delayed 10 years story or something…

And it better not be rated PG-13! i want naked Terminatrix, that is the sticking point on whether i will see it in the theater!

In a short called The Animatrix (released as hype for the Matrix sequels), the humans are definitely the bad guys. The robots started out as manual labor, until enough of them existed that no human need work. One day, a robot overheard his owners discussing getting a new model. He killed them in what he called self-defense, and was put on trial. The trial sparked anti-AI riots, with one memorable scene in the short where human thugs assault and destroy a ‘female’ robot that screams out “Stop! I’m real! I’m real!” until its voicebox malfunctions.
Other scenes include the dumping of hundreds of robot bodies into trenches while humans unload M16 clips into them, and still-functioning robots being thrown into the sea to die on the sea floor.
The remaining robots flee to the Middle East and create their own nation, called 01. The goods that 01 produce are better manufactured than human products, and the human dollar begins to lose value against 01’s currency. The U.N. sanctions 01, including blockades around the nation’s shipping routes. The AI representatives sent to the U.N. are assulted and dragged off the floor. The short ends there.

Of note in the short is the fact that the early AI were humanoid. The AI that the first robots themselves created looked like the Sentinels from the movie.

Gee, if you didn’t read, the humans are the bad guys. The machines DO want peace in this cenario, the humans don’t. What was propposed is not a cease fire from the machines but one from the humans. Humans are attacking, the machines just reacted for self-preservation AND in a Way that actually saves humans from themselves. What gives bio-sentience more rights than artificial sentience?

I found a nice link to an essay about the aforementioned Colossus, complete with quotes from the Big “C” himself.

It should be noted that Colossus, unlike most other movie machine-conquerers, only wanted to HELP humanity…it just happened that his method involved taking over the world for himself. But he WAS putting an end to war, and said he was going to end famine and disease as well.

I’m probably one of the few people that thought that that movie had what might be considered a HAPPY ending.