OKay, so we were watching MI:2 and... Helicopter question...

Not referring to an Apache or anything, but how fast can the average helicopter fly? I got into an argument with Mr.Poysyn who says that the motorcycle at the end of the movie (MI:2) can go faster than the chopper. Please settle this argument, but he needs proof, so please post links…
Thanks! :slight_smile:

According to our technical info(I work for Eurocopter!), the BK117 has a “never exceed spoeed” of 161 mph, which is probably a bit faster than most motorcycles, and a “fast cruising speed” of 155 mph.

Go to “Products”, then “BK117”.

Lots of bikes can go faster than that.

The aforementioned Apache cruises at 145 mph; the Bell Huey does about the same. These suckers are slower than you’d think.

The lynx is the fastest at 249mph. http://www.helis.com/faq/

An Apache can do 227mph. http://www.discovery.com/stories/technology/apache/apache.html

Bell 206B tops out at around 132mph. http://www.bellhelicopter.textron.com/products/commercialHelicopters/206b/

Robinson R44 can do 130, and it’s piston powered. http://www.robinsonheli.com/Raven.htm

Now, in MI:2, they were riding a Triumph Daytona and a Speed Triple.

Speed triple tops out at about 147mph. http://www.thebikesite.com/triumph_motorcycles.htm#Speed%20Triple

Daytona, 158mph. http://members.lycos.co.uk/Bjeno/daytona.htm


‘Never Exceed speed’ = ‘it will fall apart at this (sustained) speed’.

the old term was “red-line” (because of a red line painted on the airspeed indicator).

150 mph is fast for choppers - see Bell, Eurocopters. Robinson (you do the searches).

Plus, a motorcycle is MUCH more maneuverable - do a 180[sup]o[/sup] and the chopper will be behind you quickly. (let alone ‘find a tunnel’)

I seem to recall seeing some guy on TV fall twice from a motorcycle trying for the speed record each time near 200 miles per hour. The cycle starts to wobble, and he got tossed twice. At 200. Ouch.

Most motorcycles’ speedos are off at higher speeds, so make sure the speeds you are claiming are radar/GPS proven, and not read off the speedo, or the manufactureres claims.

The Suzuki Hayabusa, in stock form, will do 185+mph.

Most liter class bikes(GSXR-1000, R1) will top out around 165ish. The speedos on bikes are usually off around 15% at high speeds(dunno why…just saw this topic discussed on www.r1-forum.com though, where actual top speed vs. indicated top speed was talked about)