Okay, This is Just Weird (Desperate Housewives)

This afternoon kaylasmom, in an effort to get our daughter to start valuing classic Broadway more than she does anything more recent than Rent (or at least as much, anyway), asked her to look up Barbra Streisand singing “And This is My Beloved” (from Kismet). Michaela had no luck with the search, and neither did I, even looking on Amazon for Babs’s two “Broadway” albums, and checking the track lists.

When I read Mrs. 99 the track listing from Back to Broadway, there were a few titles with which neither of us were familiar. They turned out to be Stephen Sondheim songs from musicals such as Anyone Can Whistle, Into the Woods, and Sunday in the Park With George, but I had to find these things out by entering the titles into Wikipedia.

And I learned something I had not known before: All of those song titles were also titles of episodes of Desperate Housewives. Is this the case with all episodes of that show (that they are titled after Sondhiem songs, not that they are titled after songs on Streisand albums)?

Apparently not all the episodes. According to Wikipedia:

Marc Cherry - openly Gay creater and head writer of Desperate Housewives is obviously a huge fan of Sondheim.
Gee, what are the odds of a Gay man liking Broadway hits by Sondheim…hmm.