Okay, you have now ruined my suspension of disbelief. (unboxed spoilers)

Lunarnoodle and I were watching Blade II tonight, and I was struck by a plot hole that I hadn’t even noticed before. Noticing it this time, however, totally took me out of the movie in a way that made it impossible for me to get back into it.

I mean, fair enough, non-supernatural virus based vampires who can be cut in half or filled with several pounds of lead, or, hell, have all but a corner of their head burned to ash and still be ‘alive’… I can deal with that. But when they’ve discovered that UV light will roast the otherwise totally unkillable super-vampires, what do they do for the great climactic super-vampire hunt in the sewers? They bring a bunch of guns which they’ve already established do not work, at all, not even a little bit.
Instead, they could have simply brought several huge UV flashlights and the special anti-UV suits they wore while infiltrating Blade’s base, and cleansed the sewers with fire. Instead, they were pretty much all slaughtered. I know it’s just a silly action-porn movie, but goddamn, after I flashed to that bit I just could not get back into the movie, no matter how hard I tried.

Anybody have similar examples in film/books/what-have-you?

IIRC, the UV torches did burn the super-vampires, but nowhere near as fast as the flashbangs or direct sunlight did. The guns at least have a place to provide suppressive fire, slowing the super-vampires long enough for the torches or flashbangs to do the job.

I do remember thinking at the time that the Blood Pack looked like they were suiting up to protect themselves from UV light, until they decided not to wear helmets and Perlman got scorched through his glove anyway. There, I agree with you completely.

You’re right, the entry lights they used took a while to kill and just burned a bit. But the flash-bangs did incinerate them in one fell swoop. And even the entry lights drove them back a bit (Ron Perlman kept a whole tunnel of them at bay for a little bit with one little flashlight)… so why not just make huge flashlights, I mean, a q-beam times ten, or, fuck, go all out and mount searchlights on rolling carriages: ‘anti super-vampire artillery’.
And yeah, if the vampires weren’t protecting themselves from sunlight, how’d they expect to get out of the sewers after they were done fighting?

It’s weird, this used to be one of my all time favorite action-porn movies, and now I just can’t un-see the plot holes. :smack: