Okay, you've got me! I bought Etiquette! Now shut up about it!

Anyone notice that there’s alot of talk about etiquette these days? It’s obvious that it’s no coincidence. There’s one corporation that holds a monopoly on the entire concept, so when all of a sudden, the media starts gabbing en masse about how everybody’s concerned about etiquette these days (even in completely unrelated articles (find “Emily”), you can be sure who encouraged them to do so.

So yesterday I ordered the book that started it all. Therefore, I didn’t really need The Washington Post to tell me some BS about how businesses are ordering etiquette courses for their employees this morning. I’ve already been suckered - give it a rest!

The good news is, though I may have fallen for their marketing, the Emily Post Institute probably didn’t win a thing from me. The book is in the public domain, and the reprint I ordered is a facsimile of the original, down to the cover design. I.E., nothing copyrightable that anyone can draw IP funds from. And as far as I know, the publisher, Applewood Books, has no connections with the Post Institute (although considering that, it’s “new book” price is extremely expensive when only printing costs are incurred and all the profits go to the publisher. Huh. Perhaps this is even a more embarassing swindle.).

That doesn’t seem very proper of them.