Old age: Sometimes a bad memory can be a blessing.

Two examples:

1.) Someone spoiler’d a movie I wanted to see. I was pissed at the time, but by the time I got around to seeing said movie, I forgot what the spoiler was.
2.) Put in for vacation this week several weeks ago. Today my boss had to remind me I’m off the rest of this week. Yay me!! :smiley:
Anybody else got stories they’d like to share?

Have you posted here before? :smiley:

A few years back, I read the first Harry Potter book (my wife has the whole set), then picked it up again a month later, forgetting I had read it; didn’t remember one blessit thing about it. The good news? Didn’t have to read any others.

Sorry to be a negative here, but after pondering the question for a few minutes I came up with nothing. My memory is good, but on those occasions when it fails I usually feel like a dork.

I’m sorry, ASGuy, you were supposed to be the #2 post; I forgot to wait until #3.