Old Cars

OKay back in the old days there was no color video obviously but were cars different colors??? or were they just black? If they were just black how come they didnt use colors and when did colored cars start coming out?


i seeeee

And apart from the famous Ford dictum, early cars came in a variety of colors based on the whims of the manufacturers. After all, carriages were painted in a variety of shades, and many carriage makers started manufacturing cars, or at least automotive coachwork. IIRC, Stanley Steamers were often painted red - it was sort of a trademark.

In the early days, more upscale cars were sold only as a chassis, anyway. It was expected that the customer would have the coachwork done as a custom job, and they would obviously get to specify whatever color they liked.

Even when the Model T was produced only in black, there was a thriving aftermarket business painting them other colors.