Old Coot Solves Old Riddle? Canadian Dopers Help Needed. Egyptology Issue.

A fellow claims he’s figured out how the Egyptians move the giant stone blocks used in the Pyramids.

Here’s the story–


Yes? No? Just a loon?

He claims that a young child can move stones weighing hundreds of pounds. He is also going to put on a public demonstration in Perth, Canada today.
Canadian Dopers–can any of you manage to be present today to give a first-hand account of this?

The same guy who made the coral castle in Florida (?) made a similar claim. Unfortunately he wouldn’t let anyone see how he moved 10 ton blocks of coral by himself.

Yeah, here are some danger signs:

Even if he can move large rocks, I see no reason to assume that his method would be that of the ancient Egyptians, frankly.

Shame I’m on call this week or I’d head out and take a look. Still, it looks like he wants to roll the rocks instead of push or lift them. Hate to be infront of the 10t one that gets away though.