Old crime scene, new unrelated investigation

But for a minor change in routine, I would have witnessed a grisly suicide last night. It got me thinking about clean-up, which got me thinking about CSI and Grissom running around with a UV light, which got me thinking… Do police have a database of crime scenes?

For example, hypothetically, say there was a horrible murder-suicide in an apartment in 2005. I rent that apartment in 2010 with no knowledge of the old crime. Someone is found murdered nearby and the police want to search my apartment. They find all sorts of traces of a gory crime. Would they already know that the apartment had been a murder scene previously or would I be incriminated by the old evidence?

Most gory evidence can be ‘timed’ to a degree and the ‘gore’ is obviously going to be fairly rich in DNA, so there’s not much to worry about on that score.

Depends on the department. If they are on top of things they would be using GIS to analyze trends.


“Need answer fast!”…? :wink: