Old Drugs in New America (Opium Wars 2.0)

Do you like Drugs n dope? Well, we’re America and we got plenty! Merica!

Everyone in America is on some sort of pill nowadays but, in the case of opiate addiction it is now hitting epidemic levels. People trust their doctors and doctors trust pharmaceutical companies who in turn profit from selling more drugs.
True, opium is the best for pain management but why make an addictive substance more addictive through a similar manufacturing process as cigarettes?
I often times hear people say, “well my doctor prescribed them to me.”
In the case of GMOs, maybe this too, is a similar scheme?

And too many are now on heroin. How the hell did this drug make a come back let alone in suburbia. Along with meth use, heroin is exploding.

Only thing is… is where does most of the world’s heroin come from???

Not watching youtube videos. Please provide explanation of what you’re talking about that isn’t some comedian. Also, “In the case of GMOs, maybe this too, is a similar scheme”? No. GMOs are accepted because a massive bulk of research has shown them to be safe. Please put a little more care in constructing your threads. Maybe some statistics about prescription drug use over the last few decades, or opiate addiction, or anything that isn’t a barefaced assertion?

I’m not wasting my time watching YouTbue videos, either.

I’m not. I’m pretty sure Gary, Indiana is in America. Your assertion is incorrect.

  • the class of pharmaceuticals known as “opiates” (almost no one uses actual opium anymore) are the best for ACUTE pain management. They are not as beneficial for chronic pain.
  • I don’t understand what you’re trying to say about the manufacturing process. So far as i know, no one is formulating opiates to be smoked these days.

No, it is not.

People use drugs because drugs work. Heroin numbs pain, not just physical but mental. Meth wakes you up and gives you energy. Of course, they also have side effects that totally suck, too.

The fact you think suburbia should somehow be immune to heroin is… precious. Naive. Heroin has ALWAYS been in the suburbs.

Wouldn’t it be easier just to start your threads with “Hey-Watch my stand-up comedy on You Tube!”?

The OP needs more links to that youtube video.

I also can’t watch the YouTube video just now. Does it suggest that opiates are being made more addictive in their manufacture, or are being genetically modified to be more addictive? Otherwise I don’t see what GMOs have to do with anything. Perhaps you can explain.

I believe much of the heroin in the US comes from Mexico. Cite. Worldwise most of it comes from Myanmar, Afghanistan, Mexico and Columbia. (Cite - pdf).


The link is to a comedy routine the OP did at a benefit-a little bit of ranting about drugs, no specifics, and some jokes.

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Not quite true. Methadone is one of the main drugs in the arsenal against chronic pain and is an opiate. It won’t get you high so its generally not much of a problem on the street, but the hoops you have to jump through to get it similar to those for Oxycontin. This issue hits very close to home as my wife suffers from extreme neuropathic pain and if not for the methadone she receives from her pain management would be left with the choices of a life spent in bed writhing in pain or suicide. Every time she hears news about how we should simply ban all opioids she becomes literally afraid for her life.

So we’ve got that going for us, which is nice!

Oh, please - you come in here flailing around and we don’t get all outraged with you standing on your soapbox there, and now you’re not happy.

We’ve argued a lot of the topics you start already, usually multiple times, so most of us who have been here already have evidences and counter-arguments. You need to back up your side better.

Alternatively, if the purposes is some sort of outrage comedy the place for entertainment is Cafe Society.

It certainly is! Where else can we possibly go to find Youtube videos of lame standup routines! Nowhere, that’s where! The WORLD IS CRYING OUT!!

So what are you doing here then?

Actually, yes, it most certainly can get you high. I’ve met methadone addicts who use it for that purpose. It doesn’t “peak” like heroin or other more fast-acting opiates do, but in sufficient quantity is will make you high. It’s also a high that lasts longer than for most other opiates, even if not as intense, so I guess that’s attractive to some people.

It also does have a significant street value since a dose of it will stave off withdrawal for an addict of other opiates. That is, after all, why it’s used as part of drug treatment, it can help the addict avoid acute withdrawal so they can concentrate on eventually getting off drugs entirely. At least that’s the theory - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Methadone does have a role in pain control, usually to sort of maintain a baseline with additional drugs for “breakthrough” pain. However, the issue of it’s use in chronic pain is contentious, it’s certainly not the first alternative used, and there are definitely problems and side effects associated with long term use. I’d rather not get bogged down in the complexities of chronic pain management here, particularly since treatment really does need to be tailored to the individual.

I’m all for keeping opiates legal, but controlled. Anyone who suggests we simply ban all of them is an idiot with no understanding of their beneficial uses. They’re a powerful tool, but the downside is that they are as potentially harmful in the wrong hands as they are helpful in the right hands.

OK, so I’m going to leave this thread open for the moment because there’s a germ of a debate here. But if nothing develops I’ll shut it down.

Cite for anyone doing that?

Here you go…such as it is.

Where is all this stupid coming from lately? :confused:

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