Old Fashioned Country Bands

My grandma occasionally complains that modern country music, “just ain’t right!” She says that a country band isn’t just a guitar, drums, and a guy singing. There should be a fiddle and mandolin at least, and maybe even things like harmonica, jugs, saw, etc. She wants a good ol’ fashion country hoedown, not this new-fangled pop music crap.

I was wondering if there are any modern day bands that are still playing with the full roster of traditional country instruments?

Oh, hells yeah.

I don’t keep up with the latest recordings, but I’ve purchased excellent work by some old-timey (yes, that’s the term they use) by these guys:

The Jake Leg Stompers
Devine’s Jug Band
The Be Good Tanyas (all-girl trio)

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Introduce grandmama to Allison Kraus and Union Station. Note the lineup on this song: steel guitar/dobro, fiddle, acoustic guitar, mandolin, standup bass and drums. On other songs the mandolin player swaps out for a banjo.

Old Crow Medicine Show features the regular guitars and drums plus fiddles, accordion, mandolin, bones, harmonica, Jew’s harp, banjo, and stand-up bass.

Punch Brothers is a traditional lineup it each player is a master and they do experimental stuff and fun covers along with traditional songs.

I enjoyed the bluegrassification of ‘Thunderstruck’

Sounds like she’s talking about bluegrass, but she might also like Texas swing. See what she thinks of the Quebe Sisters. If she likes that, try Asleep at the Wheel.