Old-fashioned shaving kit (that's not too expensive)

My husband wants an old-fashioned shaving kit, with the brush and mug and straight razor and such. We’ve done a little bit of searching online and found a few, but they were all over $300. That seems like an aweful lot for a shaving kit.

Anyone here own/use an old-fashioned shaving kit, and have any tips on where to look?

The sad truth is, brand new straights are very expensive, if they are any good.

May I suggest you head over to The Straight Razor Place and peruse their forums? A ton of information on just about anything related to the topic.

My straight is an antique that I shipped to someone from that forum to be honed. Cost me $40 all told, to purchase the razor and get it shave-ready.

Thanks for the link. I see they have a reviews section, so if we do end up paying out the nose for a new straight razor, at least we can make sure we’re getting a good one. :slight_smile:

My boyfriend just switched from straight razor to old-fashioned safety razor, because he couldn’t find anywhere to sharpen his straight razor. He found a large selection of lovely safety razors at the local antique shop - he got this adorable one from the 40’s still in the box and still with a sample blade package for $16. Works like a dream.