Old Folks Music Quiz

Just now I puzzled my wife by using the expression “take an old cold tater and wait” and she was sure she had never heard that before in her life.

Without Googling, can you say Yea or Nay to whether that’s familiar to you?

I’ll post a good link later for those impatient to know. Or you can Google your own.

But if it’s something you have heard before, give some indication of how long ago and under what circumstances it was added to your lexicon.

The what now?


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Take An Old Cold Tater (And Wait)
By: Little Jimmy Dickens

Release Date: 1957
Lyrics By: E.M. Bartlett
Music By: E.M. Bartlett
Produced By: Don Law
Released By: Columbia CL-1047

I’ve heard it; my mother, now 69, used to say it to us when I was growing up in the
60s and 70s. I have always assumed it was some old song. She used to sing a lot of WWII songs which I assumed she heard her mother sing while SHE was growing up.

I know it. First heard of it in a book I got 20(?) years ago, which I bought for other items I was already familiar with.

I have been know to use horribly outdated turns of phrase with no ironic intention, but I have not ever come across that expression ere today.

Will you use it now? :smiley:

Yep, I knew that one. A buddy of mine is a major fan of classic country, so I pick that kind of stuff up from him.

Without hesitation.

Please report your success with it. My wife now thinks it’s time to call the boys in the white suits. They’re probably too young to offer any sympathy for my case.

Just for the kicks of it, if y’all have similar obscure things like this that you enjoy dropping into conversations, please share them!

The problem with coming up with examples is that I do not realize I am being quaint until I get the looks from bystanders. My daughters are now immune and no longer react visibly.

Yup, I’ve heard of it. But not from the Jimmy Dickens song. I heard about it from a different song by The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band ABOUT the Jimmy Dickens song. You can find it on The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s album, “Will the Circle be Unbroken” from 2002. It’s in the very first song, Grand Ole Opry Song.

Never heard it before. It sounds like the sort of thing my father would have loved to say to us, if he had ever heard it, so I have to assume he hadn’t either.

Having now looked at the spoiler, I see that it came too early for him (his interest in country music didn’t develop until he was well over 70) and too early for me (my interest in country music has yet to develop).

Heard him do it live at the Grand Ole Opry in the mid-80’s.

Terrific. He would have been getting on up there in age, right?

I had to look up his Wiki page to be sure he was still with us.

So many of his generation are gone.

I had meant to comment on this earlier. Both Mama and Daddy (both gone in the 1990’s) provided my brother and me with all sorts of obscure music by humming, whistling or singing things we had never heard before. I would love to have the memory to make a list of all of them. Every now and then I’ll hear snatches of one of their tunes and think to myself, “Yep. Mama (or Daddy) knew that one and sang it.”

WWII had oodles of nonsense songs and other memorable ones. At the risk of repeating one I posted not long ago:

Dr. Strangelove - YouTube (the visuals don’t help a lot! :smiley: )

Never heard of it, nor read of it, prior to this thread.

He’s not only still with us, but is still performing at the Grand Ole Opry… I tuned in last Saturday night and heard him open the show with “A-Sleepin’ at the Foot of the Bed”. The announcer said he’s been a member for sixty-something years, IIRC.

it was a song I heard in the last nonth or so on the radio.